RISE Fishing shirt collection


Gear that Rises on Your Schedule

RVOLN (reh·vuh·loo·shn) introduces the inimitable RISE Fishing shirt collection.  

HYDES, Md.  – ““Any outdoor adventure worth undertaking starts in the dark, before sunrise,” said avant-garde activewear designer and marketer, Ben Verner, founder of RVOLN. Think about your most rewarding fishing trips. That early alarm was painful, but quickly soothed by your first cup of coffee, and perhaps the aroma of bacon in the pan. The truck is loaded, illuminated by only a headlamp. You sip another cup navigating deserted roadways to the marina. With engine idling, you load the docked boat and untie from the cleat. A glance to the east reveals a faint aurora in an otherwise black sky. You’ve earned every second of sunlit fishing that awaits. Why the poetic waxing? Because that’s the inspiration behind RVOLN’s RISE Fish collection. 

To fulfill this perfect prophecy, your gear must be equally committed, including what you wear. For anglers, it begins with your primary action area, your shirt. New for 2021, RVOLN offers the RISE Fish collection of long and short sleeved shirts.

Like all of Verner’s RVOLN creations, it begins by selecting the finest fabrics available, bar none. For the RISE Fish shirts, he hand-picked an amazing 4-way stretch fabric, which is, in fact, superior to anything on the store racks. And the first characteristic Verner demands in a such fishing fabric is “feel”. A fabric that you can touch and immediately imagine wearing. One that feels great going on, and then melds with your arms and torso while in action.

With the best base fabric in play, next comes construction. This is where the magic really begins, because even a quality fabric fails if fit and function aren’t right. All RVOLN RISE Fish shirts beautifully blend premium materials with immaculate fit and function. 

You’ll instantly notice how RISE Fish shirts work with your frame, not just draping over your bones. This is true while stationary and in motion. This duality comes by intelligently placing fabric panels, not sewing them together in areas of motion, such as under your arms. In fact, one of the most ingenious features appears under the arms.

For added ventilation, RISE Fish shirts offer a single section of airy mesh fabric that runs from the bottom of the torso, up the body, under the arms, and all the way to the cuff with a single section of fabric. No bunching in the armpit. Similarly, RVOLN has sewn a strip of the same mesh fabric down the back from the neck to the bottom hem for added ventilation.

Other design features include strategically placed back panels to maximize range of motion and overall comfort. The arms are sewn to the torso raglan style with a flat seam, too, meaning the actual seems are up and over the shoulder, which maximizes comfort and range of motion. 

Drumroll please… Perhaps the slickest element of the feature set is a hidden pocket on the right side above the hip that is sized large enough to handle oversized smartphones, easily managing your money and credit card clip for afterhours at the marina bar.

Epic outings begin under the cover of darkness. RVOLN’s RISE gets up with you to see the sunrise. 


Hidden pocket, large enough to accommodate smartphone.

Rise Fish Long Sleeve comes in three popular marine colors (Royal, Charcoal and Mod Green), as well as a trio of fishing-fashion Submerged patterns, to include Fog, Abyss and Deepwater. The moving water inspired patterns include waves of cryptic RVOLN marks, conjuring images of baitfish in motion.

Epic outings begin under the cover of darkness. RVOLN’s RISE gets up with you to see the sunrise.