River2Sea Brings Fish Catching Camaraderie to the Community

“Giving back” is always a topic discussed within the sport of bass fishing.  For the fishermen, giving back can mean taking a kid fishing, introducing a newbie to the water or inviting a bank basser into the boat; for the retailers, bait designers, tournament organizations and manufacturers it can translate into a host of other ideas – for the Northern Calif. based company River2Sea it means showing their appreciation to those that support them, to those that keep them in the biz, to the community - to the anglers.

To demonstrate their gratitude and help kick off the fall fishing season, River2Sea has organized a company sponsored event. "We want to make this about fun, friends and family," said River2Sea Sales Rep Angelo Alorro.  "It's a team event; so you can fish with your team partner or your wife or your son or daughter and it's not just for the bass anglers - we're paying top three biggest bass; but we're also paying a Big Fish payout for the biggest striper."

The River2Sea tournament features:

·         a daily three fish limit

·         a 90 percent, one in five payback

·         a $150 entry fee to fish both days

·         a $20 Big Fish option

·         a raffle for River2Sea packages

·         prizes for all youth present

·         a free package of River2Sea product

·         a BBQ

·         a chance to win a day on the Delta with River2Sea staffer and Bassmaster Elite Series pro Ish Monroe for those that register prior to Aug. 31

River2Sea has upped the ante with another incentive for early bird registrations offering a fully-paid Big Fish Option for the first 50 paid entrants prior to Aug. 31.

Any plastic can be incorporated into the use of a River2Sea rig.  "We are having the event on the Calif. Delta because it is a great place to use any bait," explained Alorro. "You can use a spinnerbait, a topwater bait like stick bait, a frog like the Bully Wa or  John Murray's recently released umbrella rig, the Bumber Shoot  or an Ish Monroe signature series Biggie Crankbait - you can fish whatever type of bait you want.  You can even punch your favorite creature bait with a River2Sea Trash Bomb weight or fish a Senko with a River2Sea nail weight."

For those looking to put some of the new River2Sea products into action, there will be a limited stock of the new frogs, Rovers, Bumbershoots and others available in the upcoming days at Outdoor Sportsman in Stockton, Calif. "If you want one of the new products, don't wait; there will only be about 25 packs of each released," said Alorro.

A River2Sea raffle will be held with one ticket traded to all individuals that present an empty River2Sea package. Prizes will be offered from Dobyns Rods, Phenix Rods, Numa, St. Croix and more.

River2Sea Chief Operating Officer Simon Chan stated, "Our goal is to do something for the community, to share in the fun and meet  with the fishermen that support us."

Don't miss your chance at fish catchin' camaraderie, join River2Sea at Ladd's Marina for their two-day, two-tide event on Saturday, Sept. 8 from noon to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, Sept 9 from safelight to noon.  The event will wrap up with an Outdoor Sportsman sponsored BBQ at weigh-in on Sunday.