River2Sea Introduces Ripper

Richmond, CA (May 10, 2006) Shallow jerkbaits have always had a reputation for catching big gamefish with their erratic action and flash that imitates a wounded minnow. River2Sea now enters the market with a shallow minnow plug that will rival the classics; the Ripper series is here.

Ripper has the long bodied profile that shallow running jerkbaits have become known for, but leave it to River2Sea to take a proven style and make it better through technology and design innovations.

To improve Ripper’s castability, River2Sea incorporated their Tungsten Force weight transfer system to help eliminate the tumbling that has hampered casting distance and accuracy. River2Sea also saw an opportunity to improve on the depth these shallow plugs will run, and improved it by increasing the bill size and modifying the shape slightly.

The result of River2Sea’s efforts is the combination of slashing action of an injured minnow, improved castability and deeper depths, all with the classic shape of an elongated minnow.

Ripper is available in two sizes and seven finishes.

Ripper is available for immediate shipping

Model Description Size Product Action Retail (Map) Price
JB-RrS138su Ripper 138Su 5 1/2 ” 5/8 oz Suspend (Dives 4-6 feet) $11.99
G11 (Ghost Minnow), G12 (Chartreuse Shad), HA18 (Hitch), HC13 (American Shad - Ripper 138 only), S25 (Stock Trout) S26 (Glo Plug), S28 (Table Rock Shad)