River2Sea Introduces Tungsten Vibe

Richmond, CA (June 07, 2006) Lipless crankbaits have a well-earned reputation for catching bass under a variety of conditions. However, along with their penchant for creating strikes, they also seem to grab as many obstructions as possible. River2Sea has improved upon those weaknesses with Tungsten Vibe.

Tungsten Vibe’s main feature is an exposed tungsten face that provides the weight of the lure as well as gives the lure the ability to deflect off cover, something no other lipless crankbait can do. Throw Tungsten Vibe around docks, trees and stumps and see it deflect off of the obstruction, allowing you to keep from snagging your valuable lure while triggering more strikes.

Tungsten Vibe has the unique ability to maintain its effectiveness at any speed of retrieve. At high speeds Tungsten Vibe tracks true with the tight wiggle and loud rattles that lipless crankbaits are famous for. At slow speeds Tungsten Vibe wobbles seductively from side to side; pause the retrieve and Tungsten Vibe stays upright as it sinks, wagging as it falls until it hits bottom where the bait rests on it chin.

Tungsten Vibe is available in three sizes and four colors, and like all of River2Sea Elite products, comes with premium Daichi treble hooks.

River2Sea manufactures a comprehensive line of fresh and saltwater lures, for more information call (510) 237-2405 or visit them on the web at www.river2seausa.com