Rocky River Outdoors Introduces The Strike Jacket EFL

Studio City, CA – November 14, 2003 – Rocky River Outdoors, Inc. announces the introduction of the Strike Jacket EFL, an amazing enhancement to crank baits, jerk baits, stick baits and lipless baits.

With the increasing popularity of catch and release, large trophy fish get very familiar with ordinary lures. Often, the big fish will hit a lure and if it doesn’t feel right they will move on in search of real baitfish. The Strike Jacket EFL is used with the angler’s proven lures but gives their hard lure a soft cover! Successful anglers have learned to be creative and to use the unique Strike Jacket EFL to dress up their ordinary lures to land the big fish. The Strike Jacket is particularly effective in rivers and lakes that are heavily fished, particularly where the lake is stocked with fry or where crank baits are effective, as well as for many species in salt water.

According to Christopher Atkins, actor, director and producer of over 45 feature films and television shows including “The Blue Lagoon”, “Dallas”, “Dark Realm” and the inventor of the Strike Jacket EFL, “The Strike Jacket EFL enhances virtually any crank bait, jerk bait, stick bait or lipless bait and creates the look, feel and action of natural prey to entice strikes! To trigger vicious strikes, the Strike Jacket EFL adds a tail that flutters in the water and side fins that pop out when the retrieve is paused! The jacket gives the lure the silhouette of a live natural baitfish!”

The Strike Jacket EFL offers a variety of unique swimming actions. Slide the jacket to the side and watch your lure perfectly mimic a realistic wounded action. Walk the dog for surface strikes on the lifelike tail action. Use a neutral buoyant lure for a devastating suspending minnow. The Strike Jacket EFL imparts action to the lure that is certain to generate more strikes from bigger fish. The amazing Strike Jacket EFL is translucent so the lure’s colors shine through. The Strike Jacket EFL adds sparkles for that extra flash during the retrieve. Soak the absorbent Strike Jacket EFL in natural oil based scents and you’ll never have to reapply the scent while you are out on the water!

"We are excited that the Strike Jacket EFL is now available on the web,” said Mr. Atkins, “and additional tackle and bait stores are being added weekly as the retail market explodes with this easy to use dynamic fishing product. The response for the Strike Jacket EFL has been incredible. Not only have sales been tremendous, but many well known professional anglers are using it everyday!”

Consumers interested in purchasing the Strike Jacket EFL or for more information can call (626) 584-9195 or visit their website at

Rocky River Outdoors, Inc. designs, develops and licenses innovative fishing lures and other outdoor products that surpass the better known brands in price and quality. To date, Rocky River’s efforts have resulted in a product line of Strike Jacket EFL, the EFL Worm for both salt and fresh water fishing, the Wicked Squid saltwater lure, and an entire line of tournament quality crank baits, jerk baits and stick baits as well as spinner and buzz baits. Rocky River Outdoors is a privately held company based in Studio City, California. The firm provides complete line of tournament quality fishing lures and other outdoor products.

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