Roy Hawk On The Trail


By Roy Hawk

The life of a professional tournament angler is multifaceted — it can be complex, exciting, exhilarating, frustrating and heartbreaking all at the same time. For me this season stacks up to be one unlike any other I have faced. I'm excited to share my journey with you right here on the Inside Line.


I have got a really full tournament schedule this year. The Bass Pro Tour is going to some awesome fisheries: Sam Rayburn, Lake Travis, the Harris Chain, Chickamauga, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Champlain, and Lake St. Clair. The Texas lakes fit my style of fishing well. Rayburn has some real giants in it and we're definitely going to be there at the right time. Travis fishes a lot like a western lake, it's a deep canyon style lake that reminds me a lot of Mead.

In addition to the BPT, I am going to fish five to six MLF Toyota Series Events to try to qualify through their Traveler's Region for their Championship as well. I'll be fishing all across the country, some out West, some in the Central, and some up North. This is the first year for the Traveler's Region and I am looking forward to having the flexibility to make it work with my schedule.

I still love fishing out West. I got to fish the AZ Open earlier this year, and of course there is the US Open. It's a really awesome tournament and it's one of my favorites. I feel winning that event in 2015 really helped to establish my career. I always plan my season around it. Winning or doing well can make a big impact on your life and it really did that for me.