San Vicente Reservoir Closure Update

San Vicente Reservoir is currently open on its normal summer schedule, Thursdays through Sundays. The city of San Diego, the owner and operator of the reservoir, anticipates that San Vicente Reservoir will be closed to all recreation sometime in August 2008, based on the current water drawdown rate. The reservoir will be closed for six to nine years to ensure public safety during the construction of the San Vicente Dam Raise project and during the refilling of the reservoir.

In preparation for the San Vicente Dam Raise project, the reservoir's water level needs to be significantly lowered to release the pressure on the dam during construction work. The city of San Diego began lowering the water level in April. The reservoir will close to all recreation as soon as the water level drops to a point where the existing boat launch ramp is not safe for use.

The water being taken out of San Vicente Reservoir is being used to supply the city of San Diego's normal water use demands.

The Water Authority and the city of San Diego understand that closing San Vicente Reservoir is a significant loss to recreational users. However, the main purpose of the region's man-made reservoirs is to provide a safe and reliable water supply for residents and businesses. The San Vicente Dam Raise project is critically important for the future water reliability of San Diego County.

For more information about the construction projects at San Vicente or to sign up to be on the project email list, please visit the Water Authority's Emergency Storage Project website. If you have any questions about the projects, please call the toll-free project information line at (877) 426-2010 or email

For recreational information about San Vicente Reservoir or the other San Diego City Lakes, please visit the San Diego City Lakes website at