Schooling Strategies with Brent Ehrler


Ehrler describes schooling as a timing deal. It often feels like a hit-or-miss proposition, but one worth pursuing.

“Whether you’re in a tournament or fun fishing, when the fish turn to a schooling scenario, you can’t beat them doing something else,” he said. “When they’re schooling, I rely heavily on it.”

One thing Ehrler stresses is the often unseen grouping common to fall. Even when surface activity is nowhere to be found, there’s often a lot going on below.

“They may not be schooling (at the moment), but they’re wolf-packed up,” Ehrler said. “When you catch one, he has 10 with him. It may not be a 100- to 500-fish school, where they’re sitting in one area and schooling all day long, but they are in that schooling mode. They’re hunting and moving.”

Another key point: There are different types of schoolers. As Ehrler explained, you may find highly mobile types, as well as the homebodies. The latter, he said, may be holding on a point, in a bay or the back of a creek, or on a bridge piling....

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