Sebile Squarebill Sunfish

Sebile has introduced a flat-sided crankbait which it says is perfect when the forage for bass is primarily sunfish. The Pure Fishing company says that the Sebile Squarebill Sunfish is the bait to throw in these instances. Offered in one size and depth range, the Squarebill Sunfish has a wide swimming action. The shallow diving bill, combined with a flat body, gives the bait a sunfish appearance and action. The unique Xternal Weight System is positioned low and forward, making it the most snagless of all the Action First crankbaits in the Sebile line-up. On a steady retrieve, it is ideal for fishing any shallow water conditions. Cast the bait and retrieve until the desired depth is reached. Another technique is the stop-and-go method – as the bait is retrieved and contact is made with the structure, pause the bait after deflection, then wait for the strike. The Squarebill Sunfish can also be power-fished by burning the bait through the water. This technique is typically applied when searching for pods of feeding bass. Once they are found, make multiple casts to the spot, varying the retrieval speed. The 2½ inch bait is offered in colours that include Black Chrome Gold Head, Breeding Bluegill, Golden Ghost, Gray Shad, Green Bass, Greenback Ghost, Pumpkinseed, Smokin’ Blue Chrome, Purple Pearl, Spotted Copper and Yellow Shad.