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I’ve refrained from writing an article on my company’s new Fishing glue for reasons I was told that, fisherman don’t want to hear the owners opinions and so, just have your Pro Staff and other fisherman write them. There are all too many reputable websites that have field tested our products and have written fantastic reviews and I won’t bore you with all of them, we are starting to unravel some myths about our Fishing Glue in comparisons to others. So, I got itchy to share with some of you some high lights about PRO’s Soft~Bait® fishing glue before some of the writers on my Pro Staff did some Press Releases this Fall without writing the Gettysburg address here.

Over the past year and a half I’ve accumulated quite a knowledge base on marketing our PRO’s Soft~Bait Glue®, a very niche’ fishing product. From the Internet, cold calling tackle stores, face to face fishing and Exhibiting, face-to-face demonstrating is by far the most effective. After having exhibited this past week at the 2003 FLW Jacobs Cup in Richmond, VA and meeting some Professional fisherman such as Roland and Scott Martin, Dion and Guido Hibdon, Jim Short, FLW Staff and Derrick Yamamoto and some others I may have missed, I observed something that I’ll take a few minutes to share and elaborate on with our new Fishing Glue per the title,

"Seeing is Believing"

Firstly, once these Pro’s saw my demonstration of welding a senko back together in only 6 seconds, seeing was in fact, believing our fishing glue tool works as formulated, hands down from these Pro’s. It really didn’t matter that these Pro’s could mend baits but, what mattered more was when your baits were gone, tore up and in the bottom of your boat and you are out of the only color of plastics your Bass wants and you need just one or two more fish to Win the tournament. Did this every happen to you? The other attention getter was bonding a senko to the underside of an offset worm hook instead of rigging it normally by inserting the hooks through the soft plastic. It made sense to some fisherman to rig it this way (weedless) for matted grass, hydrilla and other vegetation cover said more than one fisherman. Why? Well, you have no hook piercing the plastic bait for one and when you do bring back to the boat that awful clump of grass hanging on the bait, the pressure is on the steel hook and not the soft plastic bait. And since there isn’t any hook piercing the bait, you haven’t started the tearing process either.

On the other hand if you’re traditional and old fashion like me, you can apply our glue [topically without moving baits] to the hook/plastic bait area as one normally rigs a plastic on a worm hook. Seeing was believing with these Pro’s after handing it to them to try and slide the bonded senko down off the hook within seconds of bonding it. Oh, and I didn’t tell you that the Senkos were soaking under water for 1 to 4 days before my demo in some instances and totally soaked with water when I pulled them out of the bowl of water to demonstrate in front of these fisherman. Holds on your hook like a magnet as one Pro replied the next day after having used it on the water all day. He said cast and skip after cast and skip after cast, you were right, "my baits stayed put"

Trading tails on these senko’s might just be the bait the bass bites today after seeing the same bait over and over again!

By the way, if you’re not into all this fixin and repairing your plastics and your sponsor keeps you supplied with all the baits you need, PRO’s Soft~Bait Glue is the Perfect bonding agent for KNOTS. Immediate and without any smell within 5-7 seconds after you’re back in the water.

These repaired Senko’s with each others tails are just a mere example of what one can do with PRO’s Soft~Bait Glue®

Second question everyone asked was and is the most asked question is, what keeps it so it doesn’t dry up like the other Cyanoacrylates so you can leave the bottle open for 9 hours like you do here at the show? It is the way we distill it is the answer. We don’t use the additives like others do to preserve our product. Car polishes for example all use petroleum for a base compound and modify the chemistry additives from there for hundreds of different car polishes. We just keep the pure Cyanoacrylate without all the additives that are in your over counter glues. There are hundreds of Cyanoacrylates and no two are alike in chemistry.

Thirdly, recreational fisherman upon watching my demonstration were just as excited about the fact that they don’t have to purchase all those favorite bags of soft~plastic colors in quantity like they once did before going fishing because they are now able to mend our baits on or off the water. Don’t worry as a Manufacturer if you’re reading this, these baits won’t last forever, just better mileage out of them now. Manufacturers are still purchasing our products to make their assembly lines move a little smoother especially with 3-D eyes etc.

This Berkley Neonz, has a tougher hook area now with a solid plastic grub head on it. If your tubes do tear, just hold the tear together with one hand while applying our glue topically with the other. About 15 seconds you are good to fish. At least you’re fishing and not on your way home cause you out of baits.

Fourthly, if you feel we’re just a little pricey, well, think again about all that dried up over the counter glue money you threw away last year and couldn’t use it because it rocked up on you after 1 to 3 uses. Our products are actually less expensive in the long run since you can actually use all of it up in the bottle even if you use it sparingly all year fishing. You can also repair those loose rubber trailer and boat step pads, cracked windshields, rod guides, cork, shoes and an occasional transducer repair and just plain old usage around the house to keep the Mrs. happy.

I hope you will take a moment and visit our website and check out our Testimonials and our Pro Staffs Reviews and Tips. Who knows, you just might just run into someone you know there!

Again, "Seeing is Believing"

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