Slow Down, You Fish to Fast

Slow Things Down and Speed Up the Bite

Daiwa’s new Mr. Slow flips sideways, slows and flutters to tempt big saltwater fish

Cypress, CA  – Fish are moody critters. This includes the diversity of offshore and near-shore saltwater species. Their engagement in foraging is driven by factors like tidal movement, surf, moon phases, daylight and on and on. Recently released, the FK (Fall Killer) Jig is squarely aimed at active feeders wherever they dwell in the water column. On the opposite end of the speed spectrum, Daiwa introduces Mr. Slow, an innovative lure that lives up to its name.

Unlike vertical baits, like the FK Jig, which are designed to get down to business quickly, Daiwa’s Mr. Slow takes its own sweet time. On the drop, Mr. Slow rocks fish to sleep, rolling on its side and swaying back and forth on an unhurried tumble. Essentially morphing into a horizontal presentation, fish are teased to rise and investigate, ultimately inhaling it.

Mr. Slow’s unique behavior is founded on the lure’s wedge-shaped head and foot, which harpoon water on the drop, flipping the bait on plane, and perpetuation the rocking action. Do to its posture on the fall, Daiwa has instinctively placed hooks on both ends, sticking fish no matter the angle of a fish’s approach shot. To that, the hooks operate like dual parachutes, producing an even softer flutter.

Daiwa incorporates a pair of single, saltwater grade VMC stinger hooks, which are perfectly rigged for strength and to operate tangle free. Daiwa wraps Kevlar hollow-core line around fluorocarbon and binds it tightly to the hook and integrates a premium grade split-ring. 


Mr. Slow offers equally as exceptional cosmetics. The captivating metallic colors are coated with a tough mylar finish and accented with oversized eyeballs to complete the baitfish mimicry.

Mr. Slow is available in four surefire patterns and three sizes, to include 180g (6.4 oz.), 220g (7.8 oz.) and 280g (9.9 oz.).

Let oceanic species like grouper, snapper, jacks, tuna and like take warning. Death could be slow.

MSRP $18.99

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