OAKLEY, CA (June 6, 2005) — WesternBass.Com announced today the signing of Snag Proof Manufacturing Inc. as the newest addition to it’s sponsor group. Snag Proof's 40 year + commitment to "weedless fishing" has produced some the most productive fishing lures in catching and landing the "Big Ones"!

Snag Proof produces 23 different styles of fish catching lures including Bobby's Perfect Frog, Wiggle Wog, Pro Series Tournament Frog, Harry's Round Frog , Frogzilla, Tournament Popper, Improved! SK Frog Ultra, Original Frog, Improved! Ultra Popper, Moss Mouse, The Weed Demon, Boss Rat, Mini-Minnow, Leech, Hawg Dog, Hawg Dog Lite | Super Curly, Hellgrammite, Soft Craw and the Deadly Worm.

The company was founded by Harry Elhers in the late 1950’s and was literally started over the kitchen stove.

Branching out into the saltwater market under the trade name Sea Bay, offerings include the Twitchin' Shrimp, Crippled Crab and Sea Demon. These lures sport special cad-tinned double hooks and holographic glitter bodies. Ideal for inshore and flats or pole fishing these lures attract trout, redfish, snook, and many others.

New products are introduced annually and current lures are updated as the market changes. Snag Proof also produces private label lures.

Snag Proof and Sea Bay lures are distributed through wholesalers and dealers worldwide. About 1/4 of production is exported through agents to Japan, Italy, Spain and Russia as well as countries in South America.

Catalogs and brochures are available for Snag Proof and Sea Bay lures and are distributed at trade and consumer shows and seminars as well as through consumer requests.

For more information and a free full-color catalog, write to: Snag Proof Mfg,. Inc./Sea Bay Lures, 11387 Deerfield Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242 USA or Call 1-800-SNAGPRF (800-762-4773), or 513-489-6483. The Snag Proof Manufacturing Inc. web site can be found at

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