Sockeye fishery boosts sales of driftnet permits to nearly $200,000

Salmon permits rise in value in some regions of state

Bristol Bay sockeye fishery boosts sales

of driftnet permits to nearly $200,000

The value of Alaska salmon permits has ticked upward in regions that experienced a good fishery this year while others have tanked.

Not surprisingly, the record sockeye fishery at Bristol Bay has boosted sales of driftnet permits to nearly $200,000, up from the mid-$170,000 range prior to the 2019 season. Another strong run forecast of 48.9 million sockeyes for 2020 with a projected harvest of 36.9 million could increase the value even more, said Doug Bowen of Alaska Boats and Permits in Homer.

What's really raising eyebrows, Bowen said, is values for driftnet permits at Area M (False Pass) on the Alaska Peninsula where lots of people want in and not many want out.

"We sold one at $235,000 which is amazing — $40,000 more than a Bay permit," Bowen said. Listings by other brokers reflect the same trend with Area M seine permits also commanding over $180,000.

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