Specialty Boxes for Soft Plastics & Utility for Plano EDGE™

Specialty Boxes for Soft Plastics & Utility for Plano EDGE™ 



Grand Prairie, TX Plano continues to redefine tackle storage by giving anglers the 'EDGE' Specialty Boxes. The EDGE line is a complete collection of storage boxes, with the latest and greatest protection and capability for organizing. The Soft Plastics and Utility box in the EDGE™ line provides optimal storage with prolonged tackle life, increased accessibility, and reduced corrosion. The Soft Plastics & Utility Specialty Box will safeguard your life-like baits and ensure they are ready to entice fish when they hit the water.

The EDGE™ Series of boxes includes six boxes designed specifically for custom storage solutions, including terminal tackle, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, blade baits and jigs, and soft plastics. Soft plastics, particularly expensive swimbaits are very lifelike but can be challenging to store, as they can become damaged or disformed, become stuck together, or even melt into storage trays. Proper storage ensures plastics remain in prime condition and ready to catch fish. The cavernous compartment allows you to store these baits in their original bags or clamshells keeping them straight, protected and locking in the scents and oils many come packed with. The EDGE™ Specialty Box bonus is that your soft plastics will stay organized while providing quick and easy access.

The EDGE™ Plastics/Bulk Utility box is a large storage container that includes two removable dividers and has two large side-mounted handles. This box provides ideal storage for soft plastics and molded swim baits. Remove the dividers, and the box could be used to store a first aid kit, tools, or anything else that may be needed on the water. Measuring 14"L x 9"W x 7.28"H, there is room for flashlights, batteries, and extra gear anglers want to stow in an organized system.

Standard features throughout the EDGE™ Series include a DuraView™ crystal-clear lid and one-handed, easy-to-use latch that allows anglers to locate lures quickly. When closed, the Dri-Loc™ seal makes a water-tight barrier between the lid and the base. Also, durable, steel-pin hinges marry the lid to the EDGE's base for long-lasting use. Plano's revolutionary Rustrictor™ infused bases prevent terminal tackle and expensive baits from corroding. Further corrosion defense comes from Water Wick™ - a water-absorbing, rechargeable, desiccant divider. All EDGE™ boxes feature an innovative labeling system on their lids to keep anglers organized.

Plano EDGE™ Soft Plastics & Utility Specialty Box Product Features:

  • Dri-Loc™ - water-tight seal

  • Rustrictor™ - rust prevention infused base

  • DuraView™ crystal-clear lid

  • One-handed latch

  • Water Wick™ - rechargeable water-absorbing desiccant divider

  • Innovative labeling system

  • Ribbed lid and steel-pin hinges for durability

  • Stackable and durable design

  • Dimensions of the Soft Plastics & Utility Box are 14" L x 9" W x 7.28" H

For more information, please visit: www.planomolding.com