Speed Kills

Built for Speed
Only thing faster than Daiwa’s new FK Jig are the fish that crush them 
Cypress, CA – It’s said that speed kills. Essentially meaning the faster the speed the heightened likelihood of mortality. The same can be said for Daiwa’s new FK (Fall Killer) Jig. The faster you fish it, the better your chances of killer strikes.

Fast, or speed jigging means getting the jig to fall rapidly to bottom structure, such as ocean pinnacles, wrecks, and reefs, as well as tightly schooled fish. The underlying premise is to not miss prime structure as your boat drifts overhead. The retrieval of the jig is fast, too, getting the lure up and down as many times as possible in a finite space, working the water column thoroughly and quickly. 

Daiwa’s new FK Jig features a contoured yet streamlined body that slashes through the water. Cosmetically, the patterns are simple, but vivid to fish even at high speeds. Blue Pink, Green Gold, Silver and Glow effectively address all water clarities and fish preferences. 

Hanging from the business end is a single, saltwater grade VMC stinger hook, which is perfectly rigged for strength and to fish tangle free. Daiwa wraps Kevlar hollow-core line around fluorocarbon and binds it tightly to the hook and split-ring.

The new FK Jig is available in six weights to accommodate varying depths and drift speeds. Choose from 110g (3.9-ounce), 130g (4.6-ounce), 150g (5.3-ounce), 180g (6.4-ounce), 210g (7.4-ounce) and 250g (8.8-ounce) sizes. 

Whether hunting tuna, jack species, rockfish, snapper or a wealth of other pelagic species, Daiwa’s new FK Jig brings the speed to kill.

MSRP $15.99 - $19.99.