Sportsman Channel And NHF Day Renew Partnership

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- - Adding to a growing list of sponsors, Sportsman Channel and National Hunting and Fishing Day will continue to partner throughout the 2013 year. NHF Day takes place on the fourth Saturday in September, which is Sept. 28, 2013. This is Sportsman Channel's fourth year as a national sponsor.

"Sportsman Channel is proud to be the TV sponsor for NHFDay and we 'walk our talk' as we've hosted events in our backyard as well to encourage those to get outside," said Gavin Harvey, CEO of Sportsman Channel. "It's all about finding new ways for parents to get their kids involved easily and cost effectively. Sportsman Channel is on the forefront of these efforts with our TV programs, online presence and sponsorships throughout the year."

It doesn't matter if sportsmen purchase a hunting or fishing license. They are supporting the conservation of lands that connect individuals with nature. Sportsman Channel understands the need to support the efforts that keep these properties fruitful for future generations.

"The continued support of the Sportsman Channel's sponsorship supports Wonders of Wildlife museum, which is the official home of National Hunting and Fishing Day, said Misty Mitchell, director of Conservation Programs for Wonders of Wildlife. "The Springfield, Mo., facility oversees educational initiatives to help the American public understand the indelible relationship between hunting, angling, healthy habitat, and wildlife and fisheries conservation. Sportsman Channel's dedication to the outdoors is proven through their support of NHF Day."

Bill Dance is serving as the honorary chair to deliver the message of NHF Day. Each year, NHF Day chooses a prominent individual to carry the cause of conservationist everywhere.
The legendary bass angler, TV host and conservationist was chosen to represent sportsmen around the nation on this day that was formalized by congress in 1972. Since that time, every President has issued a proclamation supporting NHF Day.

Dance learned early on while fishing with his granddaddy in rural middle Tennessee that conservation is a way of life that everyone should embrace. Dance vividly recalls he and his granddaddy on the banks of the river catching shell crackers as big as a saucer. Once his granddaddy had enough for a mess, the two would leave the rest for seed. Dance didn't understand at the moment, but later in life it all made perfect sense.

The growing list of sponsors for NHF Day 2013 includes: NSSF, Realtree,, Ducks Unlimited, North American Fishing Club, Yamaha, Bass Pro Shops, Smith and Wesson, North American Hunting Club, Sportsman Channel, Izaak Walton League of America and Limit Out Productions.

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