SpyderLok Rod Tree and SpyderLok Rod Pod Introduced

Pearl, Mississippi - Millennium Marine, the designer and distributor of innovative boating and fishing products, announces the introduction of the SpyderLok Rod Tree and SpyderLok Rod Pod for 2019.

Millennium Marine is proudly manufactured by Millennium Outdoors, the powerhouse company known for creating reputable outdoor products used by outdoorsmen across the country, including Millennium Treestands.

“Millennium Marine designs exceptional products to help provide exceptional boating and angling experiences for all users out on the water,” said Ed Welsh, President & CEO of Millennium Outdoors. “The new SpyderLok Rod Tree and SpyderLok Rod Pod are innovative solutions to keep rods secure and straight for anglers.”

Ideal for both salt water and fresh water fishing, the new Millennium SpyderLok Rod Tree is designed for smooth and easy pole angle adjustments for up to three rods. The patented SpyderLok technology insures tight locking angles, while the useful ridge in the bottom of the rod holder prevents rod turning. The mounting plate is conveniently designed to remain flush with the carpet, eliminating those painful stubbed toe scenarios. With an easy two knob removal, the Rod Tree also has large tubes to make it easy and quick to remove the rod, even with a trophy fish attached. MSRP $199.99

The all-new Millennium SpyderLok Rod Pod is also designed with the passionate angler in mind. The SpyderLok Rod Pod is the perfect solution for a hands-free hold on a single rod. The inventive SpyderLok design keeps the rod in place with secure locking angles, whether you’re on a freshwater lake or cruising the salty ocean. It swivels a complete 360 degrees and 180 degrees vertical for ultimate versatility and adjustability. A durable rubber boot protects the rod handle, while the large tubes makes it easy to remove the rod. The design makes pulling planer boards a breeze for anglers alike. MSRP $89.99

There are no tools necessary to use the SpyderLok Rod Tree or the SpyderLok Rod Pod. The anodized aluminum construction, coupled with the low glare finish and stainless steel hardware, makes these products lightweight and durable additions to any boat. The SpyderLok Rod Tree and SpyderLok Rod Pod come complete with a 1-year warranty.

For more information on Millennium Marine products, visit www.millenniummarine.com

About Millennium Outdoors

Headquartered in Pearl, Mississippi, Millennium Outdoors has shown a long-standing commitment to quality in everything they craft. This commitment has positioned Millennium for sound growth within the outdoor lifestyle space, as they continue to meticulously design and engineer an impressive array of products in the hunting, fishing, and boating segments. Known primarily for their excellence in comfort and performance, Millennium Outdoors is remaining focused on hunting and fishing safety, success, and enjoyment. For more information on Millennium Outdoors, visit www.millenniumstands.com.