sTony and Korny's Great Adventure

Part 1

The excitement of attending the rally had been building for weeks as both STony and I made final plans for our trip to Texas. With 7 days planned for this adventure things were going along well. Our plans were to drive to the rally with the NCBF.COM boat in tow and enjoy the world as it passed by. I showed up Tuesday night at STonys so we would be fresh in the morning. According to plans it would be 32 -34 hours of driving time so we planned on leaving Wednesday morning at 8 am and arrive Thursday afternoon for check in and visiting with other early arrivals to the rally.

sTony's inlaws (AKA Babysitter for Kids) showed up 2 hours late so we didn't get on the road until after 10:30 on Wednesday. This was not a problem though as we were excited to be on our way to Texas. I packed plenty of tackle to work with on the road as this would help pass the time. I started out by tuning buzzbaits. I prefer to let the blade rotate in the wind outside the window for about 5 minutes which breaks in the bait and makes for a better squeak when fishing the lure. 90 minutes later all my buzzbaits were tuned and onto the next project. I organized worms into new worm boxes I had purchased and re-organized my jigs so I was totally ready for pre-fish on Friday.

The trip was going along great. Four hours on the road and we