Stylish Tournament HS Speed Spin more than a pretty face

The Tournament HS Speed Spin series of reels is proving one of the highlights in a wide range of new products launched this year by rod and reel brand Lew’s. The HS stands for ‘high speed’ and gear ratios of 6.1:1 for all but the smallest of the four models deliver line recovery rates of 38, 34 and 31 inches per turn from the largest reel down. The TS100H model has a gear ratio of 5.6:1, which still gathers a swift 25 inches per turn on the retrieve. The HS Speed Spin stands out initially because of the simple yet stylish black lines and silver accents that devotees of Lew’s reels will be familiar with. But this racy model is more than just a pretty face, according to a whole host of features listed by Lew’s in their new product release. A stainless steel 10-bearing system is housed in a lightweight graphite body held secure with stainless steel external screws. The emphasis on corrosion resistant materials means the reels can be used in either freshwater or saltwater. Further versatility comes in the shape of a rubber Arbor adaptor that quickly converts the spool to braid-ready. The main shaft is stainless steel, the pinion gearing brass and spools lightweight, anodized aluminum. Bail wires are hollow stainless steel. An chunky titanium line roller helps reduce line twist, while a parallel line-lay oscillation system smooths line payout when casting. The Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing, proven in other Lew’s reels, provides a solid engagement that’s ready for action the instant the bail is closed. The sealed drag system is front-adjusted. The smallest reel in the series, the TS100H, weighs 6.9oz. and holds 150 yards of 6lb. test. Next size up is the TS200H, weighing 8.3oz and with a line capacity of 140 yards of 8lb test. The TS300H weighs in at 8.4 oz. and takes 140 yards of 10lb test, while the largest of the four models, the TS400H, weighs 9.6oz and accommodates 160 yards of 12lb test. The reels are among a sizeable tranch of new products from the Springfield, Missouri, company. These include new offerings in its Wally Marshall Signature Rod Series and Mr Crappie rod and reel ranges, with new introductions for freshwater, inshore and crappie fishing covering everything from bait-casting to spinning. Some products are already on the market while others are expected by mid Fall.