Summer Tips for Trout

Brown troutSummer Trout Fishing Tips

Anglers can help trout by taking the following precautions during warm weather fishing trips:


  • Avoid catch and release fishing for heat stressed trout. Trout already weakened by heat stress are at risk of death no matter how carefully they are handled.


  • Don’t disturb trout where they have gathered in unusually high numbers. It is likely that these fish are recovering from heat stress in a pocket of cold water.


  • Fish early. Stream temperatures are at their coolest in the early morning.


  • Go to plan B! Have an alternate fishing plan ready in case water temperatures are too high at your intended destination. Consider fishing a water body that is less prone to heat stress or fishing for a more heat tolerant species like smallmouth bass. That way your trout spot will still be productive when the cool weather of fall finally arrives.