Tackle Protection for Travel with Plano Gear

Protect Your Tackle While Traveling with Plano Gear

Grand Prairie, TX There is nothing more exciting than planning an adventure to remote destinations or traveling to new waters for competition or fun fishing. Whether it is striking out from home, getting on an airplane or heading to a competitive angling event, it is paramount that your rods and reels show up in perfect condition.

Traveling with tackle, rods and reels can be challenging. When you invest valuable time and finances, you need your equipment in pristine condition to optimize your experience. Plano offers several options for rod and reel storage to protect your equipment and ensure it works as smoothly as the day you bought it.

The Guide Series Reel Locker provides complete protection to ensure your reels operate smoothly and efficiently every time they are called to action. Rough handling or fumbled equipment is no longer an issue with the rugged, dependable armor of the Reel Locker.

Made with two rigid TPR molded bases that offer radical gripping power, the locker holds to surfaces wherever it's laid down. It does not matter how you set it down due to the gripping bases on both sides of the case. The interlocking foam inside the case offers protection against sudden drops or rough handling. Removable, soft-touch felt dividers allow the user to customize the case for up to a dozen reels.

The Guide Series Reel Locker can be carried by its padded handle, or with the removable shoulder strap. The oversized easy-glide zipper has large pulls for smooth operation and offers a tight seal to keep debris from getting through.

The Guide Series Rod Cases come in three different models to store and protect fishing rods and reels. Travel with peace of mind knowing that any rod and reel will be ready for action when pulling up to a favorite fishing destination.

Three sizes offer a fit and balance for different equipment, from ultra-light to the beefiest trophy-hunting rods. Proper rod fit ensures each case functions to protect the rods from damage. The entire line of Guide Series Rod Cases has a compact ultra-light design featuring durable PVC construction covered with an attractive, heavy-duty nylon exterior and a sturdy shoulder strap. Being able to store rods with reels attached saves time when an angler gets to the water, minimizing setup.

The Plano Guide Series 4243 Rod Case is functional and perfect for transporting smaller takedown rods with reel attached, with a total case length of 43.5 inches. The 4254 Rod Case will also accommodate two-piece rods, up to 6 feet 6 inches total length, with reel attached. The 4264 Rod Case design will handle the bigger and longer rods and reels, with a total length of 65 inches. Even multi-piece fly rods will properly fit this case.

For air travel needs, there is a Guide Series Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube. It measures 4.5-inches in diameter and extends from 47 inches to 88 inches long. The tube holds up to eight 7-foot rods and has a three-tier design to accommodate specific rod lengths. A convenient carry handle makes it easy to maneuver and carry.

Product Features:

Guide Series Reel Locker

  • Adjustability to accommodate any reel with removable soft-touch felt dividers
  • Holds up to 12 reels
  • Molded top and bottom to grip surfaces encountered when fishing
  • Interior interlocking foam for an extra layer of protection
  • Padded carry handle and removable shoulder strap
  • Oversized easy-glide zipper with faux leather pulls
  • 15"L x 7.5"W x 9.75"H

Guide Series Rod Cases

Model 4243

  • Ultra-light rod case
  • Allows reel to remain attached to the rod
  • Shoulder strap included
  • 43.5"L X 10.5"W x 3.25"H

Model 4254

  • Designed to hold two-piece rods with reels (up to 6'6")
  • Allows reel to remain attached to the rod
  • Shoulder strap included
  • 54.5"L x 9"W X 3"H

Model 4264

  • Designed for multi-piece fly rods or bigger fresh or saltwater rods
  • Allows reel to remain attached to the rod
  • Shoulder strap included
  • 65"L X 7"W X 2"H

Guide Series Airliner Telescoping Rod Tube

  • 4.5-inch diameter tube
  • Extends to 88 inches long
  • Collapses to 47 inches in length for secure storage
  • Holds up to eight 7-foot rods
  • Three-tier design
  • Convenient carry handle

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