The Evolving Fred Hall Shows

The Evolving Fred Hall Shows (Press Release)

In 1946 Fred Hall helped produce California’s first “sportsman’s show”. For the next three decades other shows came into the market copying his shows. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but Fred decided to separate himself from the pack and over the next 30 years he changed the focus of his events to fishing tackle, fishing boats and fishing travel. His shows became the preeminent consumer fishing shows in the world. They simply became known as…”The Fred Hall Shows”.

In 2008 the boat business in California went into a sudden and terrible decline. Nearly 70% of the boat dealers in California have gone out of business since 2007. The remaining dealers have drastically reduced their inventories. That means that boats take up much less space in all shows. The result of this recession has given the Fred Hall Shows the opportunity to add many of the categories that have been absent for the last 30 years. The Fred Hall Shows have been sold out for over 20 years and there has been no opportunity for growth into other areas of outdoor recreation.

In 2011 the Fred Hall Shows changed their name to….”The Fred Hall Shows…The Ultimate Outdoor Experience” and greatly expanded the categories of the shooting sports, hunting, camping and diving. So now the Fred Hall shows feature: fishing; hunting; shooting sports; travel; camping; RV’s; free diving and SCUBA diving. These shows are…”the ultimate outdoor experience”. The shows were a huge hit in 2011.

They remain the premiere shows in the world. Over 60% of Fred Hall show attendees are involved in the shooting sports so the Fred Hall Show clientele are very happy with the expanded nature of the shows. Also, there are two aspects of the diving community. There are consumptive divers (those who take fish and shellfish) and non-consumptive divers (those who just look). Before now the consumptive divers had no show…now they have one. And finally, the travel aspect of the Fred Hall Shows has exploded into all forms of universal travel. Over 70% of all Fred Hall Show attendees travel outside of California to fish, hunt dive, and boat.

If you haven’t been to a Fred Hall Show in a while, stop by and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The show dates are: “The Fred Hall Show…The Ultimate Outdoor Experience”, at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, March 7-11, 2012 and “The Fred Hall Show…The Ultimate Outdoor Experience”, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, March 22-25, 20121