The Lake Camanche Challenge

This is one of the finest lakes in the Mother Lode area. If you want to challenge your skills, this is your lake. For a lake, it has all kinds of structures to work on from old dams to creek channels, steep walls, big rocks, little rocks, mud flats and wood, but don’t forget the hundreds of island tops under the water and some exposed.

This lake can be very rewarding. Due to their stocking program, which is some of the money that you pay to go in and fish, Camanche just produced a new lake record, 14 plus pounds, a Florida Bass. Now that’s a reward.

Camanche is known for it clear water and fishing this lake from a boat, a depth finder is a necessity. For the bank fishing person you can have good days too. Let’s break it down for you.

In the morning look for exposed wood. For this time of year throw top water baits, one of my favorite are the Frenzy Poppers in shad, trout, and clown pattern. Also fish the points and any exposed structure out into the water, Keep the bait close to the cover at all times.

Other baits to throw in these areas are Finesse worms, Camanche Jack worms are the choice for me. Go with the shad, the neon’s, and greens, 4 inch to 6 inch, drop shotting, split shotting, or my favorite is shaking a Dart Head. These areas with these baits will give you your best opportunities.

Remember, bass are an ambush style fish. Structure of any kind can be an ambush spot for a lurking bass. The closer you get to the target, the better your chances are to catch one.

After the sun comes up and you lose your low light visibility look for windy banks or mud lines. This is where the bass will stay in the shallow water making it easier for you bank fisherman to have fun. Bank fisherman, this is a lake that you have to be mobile so don’t stay in one place too long, move around.

This lake is commonly known to have an afternoon wind. This can be to your advantage especially for you bank walkers, go to the wind blown bank. This is where bait will be blown to that area and the fish will be feeding.

Now you boaters, you have the opportunity to fish any one of the hundred of island tops in the lake. Using the same baits as the bank fishermen, start with your depth finder zero to thirty-five feet deep, working the baits slow, keeping the bait in the strike zone as long as possible. Six to eight pound Vanish fluorocarbon line is a must due to the clear water.. You will get more bites on this lighter line. Don’t stay too long on any island top as they are there or they are not. Work them from the top down covering the water thoroughly. When you get on an island top that has fish, it can be “Katie bar the door”.

Lake Camanche, it’s not just a name, it’s an adventure…HA HA!

Randy Pringle
The Fishing Instructor Guide Service
(209) 543-6260