The winter season is on it way, will your boat be prepared?

Many people think that just finding a suitable place to leave their boat during the months of inactivity is all that is required. That is totally incorrect. Depending on where you live and the surrounding environment, sun, rain, air pollution and dust will conspire to attack your boat’s finish. During the months that your boat is sitting out, these conditions will work to fade, oxidize and generally dull the boat’s gelcoat.

Usually washing off you boat is enough after taking it out of the water. But what if you could do more? What if you could apply a product that will protect, prevent, and improve the quality of your boat? Making things less difficult in the future. Also make normal cleaning quick and simple.

To minimize the detrimental effects of outside exposure, first wash your boat to remove surface dirt. Next, check the hull for any water spots that may be present. If any embedded spots are found, use Hard On H2O Spot Remover to safely and gently get rid of these surface spoilers.

Once the boat is completely cleaned and no water spots are present, you need to put a surface barrier on the entire hull to protect it from the elements. That’s where the use of No Sweat Mist Boat Buff Marine Polish comes in. This product contains engineered polymers and UV inhibitors to screen out harmful rays from the sun and protect your boat’s finish from chemical and atmospheric attack. You should polish your boat 2-3 times out of the year. When your boat is going to be sitting out this is a key time that you should polish it. This will help prevent any continuous harm while it sits.

Finally, apply Quick Spray Shine Enhancer to give the boat a dazzling shine that will prevent tree sap, bird droppings and other fall out from etching into surface. Come Spring, a simple wash down will reveal the pristine condition the boat had when it was put into storage.