They're not just for trout... Frabill Floating Nets


Grand Prairie, TX Most fish are lost during the last few feet of the fight. Tip the odds in your favor with a quality landing net. Whether you're after trophy fishing smallmouth in the rapids or sunnies on a farm pond, you'll bring fish to hand quicker with the right net.

Though they resemble the nets trout anglers have relied on for generations, Frabill's Floating Nets feature modern technology that benefits any wading or small craft angler. Updates to hoop material, mesh, and handles improve on a time-honored design. The result is a more comfortable net for the fish and the angler.

The classic hoop shape comes in sizes to handle everything from bass to crappie, so you can land whatever fish you're chasing faster. The wide-open design means you'll get it under fish fast, limiting the chances they can escape. The gunmetal finished hoop won't spook fish and offers durability for long-lasting use. A comfortable rubber grip provides plenty of grip for wet hands, so that the net won't slip at the worst possible time. As a bonus, it won't retain heat or cold, so it will be comfortable in the peak of summer or dead of winter.

The Floating Trout Nets are also an excellent choice for kayak or wade anglers, with the buoyant hoop keeping the net on the surface should it end up in the drink. The attached lanyard keeps the net tethered to you or your boat, so you can concentrate on unhooking the fish and getting back in on the action. The short handle is easy to maneuver, making it ideal for the tight confines of a kayak, float tube, or other small craft.

Built to be fish-friendly, the Floating Trout family of nets has several features built in to ensure healthy releases. Each is built with tangle-free dipped micromesh material that ensures a fish's protective slime coat remains intact. The fine, coated mesh also resists hooks, so crankbait anglers won't find their lures stuck to the net. The flat-bottom design supports fish evenly, to minimize handling stress and provide an ideal pose for trophy photographs.

From walleye in the creek to perch in the swimming hole, you'll get a handle on whatever you're fishing for faster with the right net. Whether you are wading, kayaking or fishing from your trusty Jon boat, Frabill's Floating Trout Net is the net you need.

Floating Trout Net Family Features:

  • Available in Tangle-Free Micro-Mesh

  • Flat bottom nets to better protect the fish

  • Designed to conserve fish through proper catch-and-release

  • Includes a lanyard and carabiner

  • Gunmetal finish hoop

Floating Trout Net Availability:

  • Floating Trout Net 11x15 7.5" TFMM 1"

  • Floating Trout Net 9x20 7.5" TFMM 1"

  • Floating Trout Net 13x18 7.5" TFMM 1"

  • Floating Trout Net 17x22 7.5" TFMM 1"

  • Floating Trout Net 19x25 TD TFMM 1"

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