Too Much Shad? No Such Thing...

No Such Thing as “Too Many” Shad Baits

Daiwa’s SC Shad makes a triumphant return to tackleboxes nationwide

Cypress, CA  – The anatomy of a freshwater shad is unmistakable. Bulbous eyeballs. Smallish head dropping down into a spade-shaped sternum that ramps back up into the shad’s distinct forked tail. You know what they look like…and so do the fish.

Shad are as abundant as they are recognizable, too. They’re common reservoir and lake inhabitants, as well as frequent fliers in most North American river systems. And because of the baitfish’s copiousness, the marketplace is overwhelmed with shad-style hardbody baits. No doubt you own a few or dozens of them.

But you can trust Daiwa when they say it’s worth making space for a couple more. Returning to the fishing market, Daiwa is reintroducing the prolific and petite SC Shad, a shad-style crankbait like none other.

You’ll immediately appreciate its picture-perfect-profile, a dead ringer for the real thing. Equally exquisite is the SC Shad’s signature wobble. There are numbers of other realistic looking shad-style baits, but none tuned this perfectly and capable of summoning so many bites. Fish one head to head. You’ll appreciate the results. 

At only 2 inches long and 1/8-ounce, Daiwa’s SC Shad ideally matches adolescent shad, which are mainstay forage for freshwater gamefish. Typically schooled, young shad often ball-up just beneath the surface. To that point, the SC Shad dives only 1- to 2-feet on the cast, modestly deeper when trolled.  

The SC Shad casts to perfection as well. An internal counter buoyance sound weight not only stabilizes the bait but adds an alluring sonic rhythm. And when it’s time to set the fish, know that a pair of VMC #12 treble hooks are up to the task.

Daiwa recommends 6- or 15-lb. test J-Braid x8 braided line to maximize running depth and sensitivity, along with an 18- to 24-inch J-Fluoro fluorocarbon leader. 

The dynamic SC Shad is available in both natural and eye-popping colors. Prism Shad, Rainbow Trout, Himenmasu and Crystal Black Pearl get the call when matching native forage, while Gold Orange and Bubble Gum demand to be seen.

Beyond bass – largemouth, smallmouth and spotted – Daiwa’s SC Shad is prolific on walleyes, trout and outsized panfish.

MSRP $7.99

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