Tough to beat a SteelShad™ bladebait

Steelshad offers Hot New Colors for 2021

Glow Orange

East Dorset, VermontAnglers know it’s tough to beat a SteelShad™ bladebait for super fishing action. Whether jigged though the ice, casted or trolled, these hard-working lures can be used to target everything from walleye, bass, pike, perch, crappie and trout in freshwater, to fiercesome predators like snook, stripers, jacks and blues on the salty side. With a super-tight, reverberating action that draws vicious strikes, they are a go-to lure for many anglers across the country - and now their line-up is expanding to increase dark-water possibilities.

Starting January 1st, the SteelShad Fishing Company will be adding five hot, new glow colors to its widely popular Heavy Series (1/2-ounce) and Mini Series (1/4-ounce). Available in new Glow White, Glow Yellow, Glow Silver, Glow Orange and Glow Green, these long-awaited new glow-in-the-dark patterns are sure to light up the fishing scene both day and night, whether ice fishing or jigging over open water.

“Our customers have long been asking us to come out with glow-in-the-dark patterns and we’ve really delivered with these 5 hot new glow colors,” says Kevin Lewis, CEO of SteelShad Fishing Company. “After two years of R&D, to ensure we found the best glow materials available, and refining these colors to appear exactly how we want them to look underwater, these patterns are a smashing success. We wanted something that can be seen underwater from a considerable distance at significant depths, that can instantly recharge between casts, and that can stand up to the abuse serious anglers and their trophy fish dish out daily. Our engineering team came up with the perfect solution – SteelShad Glow Colors. They absolutely crushed this.”

Simple to use, SteelShad’s new glow patterns are instantly charged by sunlight or any other light source. For daytime fishing, no special accommodations are needed to keep these lures glowing brightly below the surface. Each time you lift a SteelShad glow lure from the water, sunlight immediately provides a free, long-lasting luminescent charge. For fishing at night or in low-light conditions, any flashlight or boat light can be used to immediately recharge any of the SteelShad glow colors between casts.


“We’re really excited about these new lures,” says Stephen Price, President and CFO of SteelShad. “In keeping with our company motto, they are built to catch ‘Any Fish, Any Time, Any Season.’ These lures are designed to perform well on the ice-fishing circuit and when used for vertical jigging in depths of 30 to 75 feet and greater. Because of their intense glow-in-the-dark visibility and awesome fish-attracting vibration, hungry predators can zero in on them from a long distance away. Like any other SteelShad color pattern, the new glow colors work in shallow water too, ‘Fish just bite it!’”

“With 5 new glow colors in 2 different sizes, anglers now have a range of SteelShad options to match various depths and water conditions in which sunlight is limited or diffused. Use the brightest colors in the deepest, darkest or most discolored waters,” explains Price, “and less intense luminescent colors in clearer water or under bluebird skies. The new glow white and glow yellow patterns should be instant standards for catching most species while the glow orange and glow green may be a big draw for salmon in the Pacific Northwest, as well as deep-water trout anywhere they swim.”


SteelShad’s new glow silver color is the wild card in the bunch. Particularly intriguing, it has a diamond pattern laid over glow white material which shines through the covering to create a totally unique, broken-scale pattern. It should be a big winner with striper and snook sharpies, especially for use around bridges and structure, or when probing shadow lines on the midnight shift.

SteelShad’s 5 new glow colors will be offered across all the Heavy Series (1/2 oz.) and Mini Series (1/4 oz.), for a total of 10 new fish-catching lure selections. Find them at your local outdoors retailer or online this coming January.