Toys For Troops

We at home should be doing something to support our troops and our country. Young men and women are fighting because they have orders to do so. These young soldiers believe in our country and what our country is trying to do for peace around the world. I personally have not been in the military; I do not want to argue with anyone if what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is right or wrong. Just like the soldiers fighting over seas they don’t argue either. They have a job to do, they do it at what ever it cost, and we get to benefit from their sacrifices.

What I do know is that there are a lot of children that are affected by this war. Kids, that their parents are soldiers being paid very little, some at almost poverty level to protect you and me. I know that these kids from all ages are losing out and we can help.

Come support the Toys for Troops Kids Team Bass Tournament. Come do your part, fish a great event for a great charity. Bring your toys have a good meal be with other good people who appreciate all that our soldiers are doing for us.

Do the right thing and support your troops. It is a great charity and you will walk away feeling good about helping out.

Toys for the troops Kids Team bass tournament will be held at Russo’s Marina Bethel Island, California.

November 8, 2008 you can register at the picnic tables below the launch ramp starting at 5:00 a.m.

$100.00 per team plus two toys unwrapped. Bring toys for kid’s ages new born to 18 years old.

Thank you everyone,

Jerry Fournier

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