Trolling Motor/Starter Batteries Stay Charged Full All Day

“The CHARGE takes all the energy that used to get wasted and puts it back into the boat,” said Power-Pole ambassador Chris Lane. “It’s so simple to monitor all the battery levels at all times with the C-Monster app. If I need to juice the batteries back up, I run just a bit and I’m full up to max charge again. It gives me total peace of mind when I’m on the water.”

The CHARGE operates as a bi-directional marine battery charging and power-management built to divert power around to electronics where it’s needed most, while keeping batteries continually charged and monitored. Settings can easily be controlled through the C-Monster app on any smartphone or Gateway enabled device.

“I check my app throughout the day and make decisions based on the data it provides to regulate power where I need it. If I want to make a 20- to 30-minute move away, I can run wide open and not worry about conserving battery juice,” Lane states. “My whole day out, I can fish without worrying whether I’m too far away from home or draining too much power. Plus, the unit only weighs 7 pounds, so that takes major weight off the back of the boat versus having to carry extra batteries.”

With a fully integrated system to ensure anglers have the ultimate control over their power management, CHARGE users can run and fish with confidence and dependability.

“It’s real simple. The CHARGE gives me peace of mind whether fun fishing or tournament fishing,” Lane adds. “Knowing I am in control over my boat’s power and energy regulation absolutely allows me the ability to fish faster, harder, longer and stronger.”