Trout Fishing Video Series Begins

Fly fishing for trout how-to video series begins Thursday

If you’ve never tried fly fishing, or want to get back to fly angling basics, you’ll want to check out our fly fishing how-to series that begins Thursday.

With basic tactics that are ideal for high country trout fishing in Arizona, the first part of this four-part series, “How to Cast with a Fly Rod”, will be featured in this Thursday’s statewide fishing report.

Cinda Howard, a guide with Fly Fish Arizona and Beyond, will demonstrate her basic casting technique with a fly rod. Look for the other videos to be released Tuesday, May 1 (Lake Fishing), Thursday, May 3 (12 Must-have Flies for Trout) and Tuesday, May 8 (Stream Fishing).

Our hope is you’ll be ready for some great spring and summer trout fishing.

See the spring-summer trout stocking schedule.

Spring-summer trout fishing in AZ 

Now until mid-summer is an excellent time to fish for trout in Arizona. High country trout fishing in the White Mountains is great until late summer when the heat raises lake temperatures and trout activity patterns slow.

In the Flagstaff and Williams area, the ideal time for trout fishing is now through May.

Apache trout are also returning to many White Mountains lakes. This native, state fish has already been stocked into Lee Valley Reservoir. We also typically stock Apaches into the East Fork of the Black River, West Fork of the Black River (campground), West Fork of the Little Colorado River at Sheep Crossing (below Mt. Baldy), West Fork of the Little Colorado River in Greer, and Upper Silver Creek.

Up for a Challenge? While you’re refining your fly fishing skills, you can take our Trout Challenge that encourages anglers to explore trout fishing in some of the most scenic areas in Arizona. See more details.