Allan Cole knows a thing or two about Big Baits catching Big Fish!! After all, his baits hold over fifteen (15) world, lake and line class records. His patented jointed minnow started the “Big Bait Revolution” twenty years ago and is still the bait of choice when throwing the big wood for trophy size fish. So when he could no longer keep up with the demand for his A.C. Plug Minnow, it was natural for him to approach Optimum Bait Company to join him in the manufacturing and marketing of this premium handcrafted jointed wooden bait. Optimum Baits hold numerous records of their own including the National Japanese Large Mouth record by Kazuya Shimada of 19.5 lbs. Besides Allan Cole has been using Swimbait tails made by Optimum Bait Co. for years on his patented Wooden Plugs.

“I know we share the same desire, that is to create great, fish catching baits for all types of fish and fishermen”, stated renown inventor Allan Cole. “I talked to Matt Paino, (CEO of International Operations for Optimum Bait Co.) who has done more to make the A.C. Plug Minnow famous through out the world market than anyone, about putting the finishing touches on the bait while increasing its production.”

“I took the project to some of the most meticulous lure crafters in Japan and the result is spectacular” responded Matt Paino, “We are making Allan’s A.C. Plug Minnow in 5”, 7”, and 9” in eight colors. We are also making the A.C. Plug Mag Shad, which is a flat-sided minnow, that belly flashes when retrieved steady. We are proud to be involved in such a quality project and are confident more records will be set real soon” concluded Paino.

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