U.S. Anglers Choice Names New President

(Brentwood, CA) M.A.M. Marketing Group LLC, parent company of U.S. Anglers Choice Tournament Trails announced today that Al Smith has been named President of U.S. Anglers Choice Tournament Trails.

Mark Mendez, who was the President, will be now in charge of BassWest USA and internet retail for the corporation.

Mr. Mendez commented, β€œAl Smith has demonstrated his management ability over the past few seasons and the U.S. Anglers Choice Tournament trails will be in great hands. I am sure Al will continue to strengthen the tournament trail by utilizing his vast experience in running national trails.”

Al Smith commented that: β€œI am excited about the opportunity to take my efforts to a National level. I truly believe the US Anglers Choice format is the best in the country and I look forward taking it to the next level! We will continue to focus on adding top quality tournament trails across the country and increasing the value for our members!”