Underwater Fish Strikes Captured Below the Ice!

Video: Underwater Fish Strikes BELOW

Custom Jigs & Spins’ “sizzle reel” reveals how winter fish inspect and respond to baits

Coralville, IA – Short of climbing into SCUBA gear, there’s really no better way to get up close and personal with fish than using an underwater camera. Especially in winter, cameras help anglers scout areas faster while learning lots about lake ecology and fish behavior.

Models like Aqua-Vu’s new micro 5.0 Revolution Pro are small, portable, and feature outstanding imagery in low light—and include water temperature read-out, camera direction compass heading, and the ability to record footage for home viewing or sharing via social media.

For anglers like “Panfish” Phil Laube, today’s underwater cameras have become a critical part of the equation for determining the right jig for the situation, as this recent video demonstrates. With only so much time to spend on the ice, anything that reduces the amount of time between searching andcatching is a powerful tool.

Aqua-Vu micro 5.0 Revolution Pro

Just have a look at Custom Jigs & Spins’ latest live fish strikes video, a “sizzle reel” that combines footage of underwater fish strikes shared by anglers from various points across the Ice Belt.

“Not only do UW cams help anglers learn more about the lake bottom and how different fish species approach, inspect, and strike or pass on a bait, it’s valuable to us as we sketch out plans for new ice bait designs,” says Custom Jigs and Spins bait designer and marketing director, Walt Matan.

To the point of bait design, you need look no further than this UW video as proof that Custom Jigs & Spins’ current baits just flat-out catch fish. As the footage reveals, some must-have hardwater baits include the VertiGlo DemonChekai Tungsten Jig, Matan’s inimitable Tungsten Bug (Chekai combined with Nuclear Ant Legs and Wedgee soft plastics), Ratfinkee, and numerous others.

Matan's Tungsten Bug

“Since we’re all passionate ice anglers at Custom Jigs & Spins, we get pretty excited watching underwater video. So, we encourage Custom Jigs & Spins customers to share their best underwater strike videos with us via Facebook,” says Matan. “And we appreciate customer feedback about our baits. That’s always been at the core of how this family-run business operates—listening to and talking with our customers.”  



Custom Jigs & Spins started almost 30 years ago producing high quality ice fishing lures. We continue today by improving our existing lures and developing new ones with input from our Pro-Staff and suggestions from serious ice anglers. We're extremely proud that some of our newest lures, as well as many of our tried and true favorites like the Ratso, Shrimpo, Nuclear Ant and Rat Finkee, have crossed over into the open water market.

We at Custom Jigs & Spins, Inc. use only the highest quality raw materials including Owner and Mustad hooks. Most all of our lures are hand painted with a super hard finish and paint free eyes.”

Our other quality brands include B FISH N TackleFlu Flu®The Worm®Rippin Lips and Vertigo Tackle®.