Walking the Tightrope

Catch Co. Presents Walking the Tightrope

Documentary highlights the genesis of new Tight Rope Jigs line and hardcore Chicago anglers, Ryan Whitacre and JayPee Hey

CHICAGO (January 25, 2021) –– Catch Company, creators of fishing tackle and e-commerce offerings like Mystery Tackle Box and Karl’s Bait & Tackle, recently released a short documentary film to accompany the launch of its latest brand collaboration. Titled “Walking the TightRope”, the film profiles Chicago anglers Ryan Whitacre and JayPee Hey, along with the origins of their friendship and the path to launch their mass market Catch Co. x Tight Rope Jig brand.

“This collaboration with Catch Co. has been one of the best experiences I've had in the fishing industry. They nailed it,” says Ryan Whitacre. Ryan began pouring and hand tying jigs out of necessity given the unique nature of Chicago’s downtown harbor on Lake Michigan. He wanted something with enough finesse to coax weary smallmouth, but with enough brute strength to handle the demanding urban fishing environment. From that unique need was born the first-of-its-kind Tight Rope Jigs Baby Firework Super Jig.

The product is a hard-hitting finesse jig designed with a compact profile, quality components, and natural action to generate strikes that bulkier jigs will not. Additionally, it is the ideal size and shape to mimic live prey and because of the shape of the head and position of the line tie, is able to avoid snagging on rough rock bottom composition. The needle-sharp hook and premium, hand-tied skirt make this a high-quality 1/4oz jig that can be fished successfully by anglers of all levels. Catch Co. recommends rigging it up on a medium-powered spinning or casting rod with a 2500 size spinning reel or high-speed casting reel and 8-15lb fluorocarbon fishing line for optimal performance.

“What’s unique about the Chicagoland fishing scene is it attracts people you wouldn’t typically think would fit into the bass fishing world,” says Matt Kestufskie, Director of Brand and Product Development at Catch Co. “We believe there is tons of opportunity in the fishing world for creators who have great ideas but don’t necessarily have the production capabilities to bring their vision to anglers across the nation. That ability to elevate local creators is why we’re so proud to work with Ryan, JayPee, and others like them.”

“Working with Catch Co. on this collaboration has been an amazing blessing. We are excited to release what we believe is a perfect product,” says JayPee Hey.

About Catch Co:

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