When to go night fishing for hogs?

Any time is good for me, but I will say many of my big fish caught by me or boated with me have been in winter months into early spring. The December New Moon has been my best for the biggest so far and the, of course, April. Maybe its me but some times nights in the winter (many calm) are warmer than the days, maybe its the water is much warmer then outside.

Don't get me wrong, its cold. But when you catch double digits in the cold of night during the winter two times at Lake Mc Clure, I would say its worth it.

What is cool to me is you can get them in the first 15 feet of water all night at times and if you don't hit right next to the bank you miss out on some fun and big spots. This will carry on into the morning at times for the first two hours or so. Lures can be worked fast also, like Crank baits and also any plastic can be worked fast.

The lakes here in the Mother Lode many times don't get cold enough to hold bass deep (they have to feed). They suspend or go way deep in the day many fish 60 to 80 feet but by night, don't go deep, they are in just a few feet.

Lots of pressure from tourneys by day have started, but there's no one at night. When would you eat? They will hit fast moving baits. How fast does a crawdad swim? Its winter, yes, but they want to feed and go back down. If it is food, they will hit it and are they ever hungry? YES, that's why the baits are literally shallowed.

No need for small baits at night. Small fish hit big baits too. Spring is long gone and so is the small bait fish. Small baits are a last resort for me at night in winter. There are no night tourneys in winter so its all for fun... If a spot kicks a few good ones, go back and repeat it, many times they are schooled and a few come up to feed at a time. Get two or three spots like this going and you got a tired arm and raw thumb at the end of the night.

The fish are not as cover oriented it seems but more into just cruising a stretch of bank in search of prey mainly dads as far as large mouth, more shad choked up by spots but still looking for more HAR! Stay on main lake mostly in winter. Water use is down this time of year so there is less current and bass have moved out more to the main lake because of the dropping water levels.

If you really want a good chance at a toad go to Mexico or stay right here and go at night. I know many out there have not caught many big bass, if any past 7 or 8 lbs. I have had the privilege of catching many from 7 to 11 lbs and a 12 boated on a trophy trip mostly from Don Pedro, Mc Clure and a few from Clear Lake.

I hope this will help you put some big one's on your line also. It may be cold but to hear that 10+ shaking her head in the dark will make you warm fast and maybe want to even go back again! Maybe not, HAR!

PS: Over 90% of all big bass caught all over the United States are caught in less than 15 feet of water.

Good luck! Be Safe!

Don Moorman