Wireless Lanyard Products Take Innovation of the Year Award at MAATS 2005

LAS VEGAS, NV - MariTech Industries featured its wireless lanyard products at MAATS 2005 in Las Vegas July 20-22 and walked away with the prestigious Innovation of the Year Award in the safety category.  Judges for the award are writers belonging to Boat Writer’s International.  “This is a great idea for all small boats.  Now, I can let my kids run around on deck with peace of mind, knowing that should they go overboard that the engine will be stopped,” says Sail magazine editor Peter Nielson.

MariTech Industries’ wireless lanyard products are marketed as Virtual Lifeline and CAST.  This product is the company's most advanced forward-looking boating safety product to date.  These products offer revolutionary falls overboard protection to everyone onboard.  Before this wireless technology, only the operator was afforded protection by being tethered to the boat’s kill switch.  Now everyone can wear a small, lightweight sensor that will turn off the boat’s engine should someone fall overboard.  Upon submersion, the sensor immediately sounds an alarm and stops the engine.  Rescue Mode permits the engine to be restarted for prompt recovery.   

In April 2005, MariTech was invited to make presentations of their revolutionary wireless lanyard technology to members of the: Boating Industry Risk Management Council (BIRMC), National Association of State Boating Advisory Council (NBSAC), and National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).  Members of these committees applauded the technology and the enhanced safety it brings to boaters.      

About MariTech
MariTech Industries is located in Redding, California. It is a leading innovator in the safety segment of the marine industry, producing quality products, tested in rigorous applications, which are fully compliant with industry standards.  MariTech Industries is a member of NMMA and ABYC. For more information on wireless lanyard products please visit www.powerboatsafety.com,  www.maritechsafety.com, or www.wirelesslanyard.com

Notes To Editors: High-resolution images of Virtual Lifeline or CAST products for publication and product technical specifications are available by contacting info@maritechsafety.com.


The U.S. Coast Guard 2003 boating statistics, the most current available, ranks falls overboard as fourth in ranking of accidents affecting 509 boaters. It states, “…in 2003 approximately 757 falls overboard were reported across the country.  Two-hundred and fifty-five of the 757 were fatal and were the first, second or third event in the accident sequence".  The report further attributes $1,631,618 in property damage to this single event over the 5-year reporting period. 

http://www.uscgboating.org/statistics/Boating_Statistics_2003.pdf., page 25

  If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our revolutionary wireless lanyard products, please contact Keith Jackson, 888-755-7767, or via email at info@maritechsafety.com.