Points Race Update | Black Bass Tournament Series

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Points Race Update | Black Bass Tournament Series

Postby WB Staff » Thu May 16, 2019 9:35 pm


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The Black Bass Tournament Series

Points Race after 4 Events

Mike Andrews Phillip Dutra 458.47
Jim LaRosa Brent Zieska 450.71
Harvey Pulliam Jamond Andrews 442.57
Marc Young Dave Newton 434.9
Timothy Venkus John Martin 419.3
Zack Cutshaw Anthony Gibbs 346.95
Dan Fonte Vince Fonte 346
Blake Dyer Troy Diatte 333.16
Andy Doudna Andrew Kobyshi 328.55
Erick Bernard Josh Gonzales 328.33
Paul Polhemus Tim Wolthkamp 309.84
Dee Thomas Ken Kyriacos 294.71
Dan Castelhano Rick Yokum 294.11
Justin Venoble Chris Wadsworth 284.92
Steve Ehler Dave Doubledee 274.26
Ron Smith Lonnie Woodlief 269.94
Jeff Bradshaw Garrett Bradshaw 223.9
Mike Birch Ken Cassettari 220.24
Cory Wubbels Brian Westerman 217.84
David Ritchie Joe Wyman 203.17
Jerry Golobe Jr Jerry Golobe Sr 194.7
Jeremy Zipton Clif Vanderwarf 194.14
Alan Lamar Roger Morris 192.42
Joey Skym Gary Skym Jr 192.15
Dave Tencati Dale Shirley 120.53
Rob Coultier Richard Benzler 115.5
Bob Santora Martin Nicols 113.5
Rick DeGaetano Jon Levenson 109.67
Larry Vignolo Mike Saso 108.39
Jason Austin Ken Mah 108.26
Dan Castelhano Rick Yokum 107.46
Cesar Laguna David Poteras 107
Mike Birch Lori Birch 104.16
Thomas Jaitz Larry Harper 103.56
Jeff Stewart Brett Brodie 100.38
Joey Skym Gary Skym Jr 99.94
Rob Cloutier Nick Cloutier 96.83
Isaac Budesilich Jessica Budesilich 95.58
Rich Fonbuena Christian Fonbuena 94.52
Chuck McCartney Ken Schmitt 93.56
Craig Carabello Matt Rogers 91.91
Nick Cloutier Josh Hanson 89.43
Xavier Green Rodney Green 89.43
Mark Gomez Juan Acosta 89.26
Scott Foster Ryan Johnson 5
Ronald Van Airsdale Dan Daniel 5
Gary Wiedner Nicholas Kanemoto 5
Billy Hume Mike Kuhlma 5
Wesley Jenkins Will Hilton 5

As We Approach The Final Stretch

The Points race is tightening up The TOC will consist of the first place team in each of the 6
tournaments, plus the top 30 point leaders, and one team drawn from the remaining teams that fished
all six tournaments. And to date there is $1640 dollars in the TOC fund, Come out and fish with us and if
ya win your IN! (as Well As the top 30.... )

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