FREE Rod Tubes for Shipping - Sacramento/Stockton areas

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FREE Rod Tubes for Shipping - Sacramento/Stockton areas

Postby hockeyplayer » Thu Apr 29, 2021 9:24 pm

If you have or will need rod tubes for shipping, I have 5 of them, and I am willing to meet up in the Sacramento or Stockton area. Seems like a shame to throw them away when these could help somebody!

I will tell you the dimensions so that you can determine how many rods you can get in a tube and which one is best suited for you, although I will bring all of what I have to a meeting:

The two PVC tubes will easily accomodate rods 8' rods and have a 2-1/2" diameter. You likely won't be able to get more than two rods in each PVC tube. NOTE: One of these PVC tubes has a cap at one end, so you will have to improvise on the other end. The second PVC tube does not have a cap on either end, so again, you will have to rig a cap to ship.

Cardboard tubes, and I have 3 of them, will all accomodate rods up to 7' in length. Two have a 4-1/2" diameter and the last 3-1/2" diameter, so you can send more than two rods easily.

All 3 Cardboard tubes have plastic caps on both ends.

Text (916) 802-9122 to arrange a meeting. the Sacramento or Stockton areas or anywhere in between.
I am in Elk Grove.

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