Reading your FFS - Bass Edge Radio - Drew Gill

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Reading your FFS - Bass Edge Radio - Drew Gill

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Bass Edge returns to the Megaware studios with a informative Feature Angler Spotlight with the most recent MLF/Invitational Champion from Sam Rayburn Texas, MLF Pro Angler Drew Gill.

Drew and Kurt discuss how to understand your FFS in many aspects. Fundamentals required to be successful with the technology. Seeing fish on your electronics and understanding their behavior. What knot provides the best lure presentation. How understanding fundamental fish behavior patterns provides anglers with the best possible odds of locating bass using FFS. It is an in-depth interview every bass angler should listen to.

Kurt, as usual, breaks down the latest in professional bass'in tournament action and updates winning patterns and interesting notes to help you understand how tournament anglers are having most of their success.

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