Fishing Tides In the Delta?

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Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Scoot549 » Tue Jan 22, 2008 8:45 pm

What differences should a person expect from day to day in the Tides? Fore instance if High tide today was at 10:00am and you hit your favorite fish hole and the fishing was good. What time would you want to be there tomorrow to be at the same high tide? Our does it change so dramatically that you have to use a chart?

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby uglystyx » Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:21 pm

from what i heard, its a 1 hour difference in the tide from day to day. unfortunately, i've never been out on consistent days at the same exact time to see it for myself.

this is my understanding. if you are fishing spot x at high tide at 1pm. the next day spot x will be at high tide at 2pm.

don't quote me on this...and anybody else please feel free to correct me. :D
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Cooch » Tue Jan 22, 2008 9:55 pm

Actually on most days, it's about 35 minute difference from the day before on each swing. This may depend on where yer located, as the further into the system ya git away from the Golden Gate, it could push 40-45 minutes.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Marty » Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:29 pm

Reading the Tide is an art and Cooch is the master at it!

What I expect from day to day on the Tide is not only the time but also how fast was the Tide. From day to day the speed of the Tide can change from negative flow to 3 ft difference. Depending on that difference can change your spot.

What I would do is take note when you catch your fish and try to match it to the day your are going fishing next. Let me say it this way – if you are catching fish on the outgoing/incoming Tide and the flow was slow/medium/fast and the bass was facing into/way/side to the flow, and this or that depth, I would be looking for the same set up! I would not only look at your spot but other spot just like it. IMO this works for both high and low tide. Hope this helps


Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Cooch » Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:32 am

Marty wrote:Reading the Tide is an art and Cooch is the master at it!

Actually Marty, I'm not, in that, I don't ever refer to the tide charts, and I don't let it dictate whether I'm running all over the Delta chasing one tide or the other. I never chase the tide here. I git up in the morning, jump in my boat and go fishing. My daily fishing areas are more based on patterns, and those areas that I know, have concentrations of fish. There are two aspects I rely on here, play to the bass' mood, and rely on the understanding of its biological nature. Bass fishing is a mental game, and you've got to put yerself in a spiritual state to understand and figure him out, not understand and figure out his environment. Too many anglers focus on the wrong elements out here. The environment is uncontrollable and constantly changing, it's unpredictable. But a bass' biological state, is constant, he IS predictable.

The first aspect, the one thing that is constant out there, the tidal changes, dictate a bass' position in a given area. They will make minimal adjustments depending on whether the tide is high, low, incoming or outgoing. At times, current movement, as we know with any bass in any body of water, tends to stimulate their feeding tendencies. Yet just because it's not moving one way or the other, or that it's dead flat at high or low, doesn't mean ya can't catch these fish all the time, you can!

It's more a matter of understanding that bass have three typical moods in regards to feeding. The positive feeding mood, where they are fast to strike and crushing our baits the instant they hit the water, or bopping a bait before it hits the bottom. Those are the easy fish, any of us can catch those. Most guys who chase the tide, key on these fish. That's okay to do, fer a certain number of days, until that easy tide swing yer chasing, is reversed next week. Now yer struggling to catch em, cause you've allow the negative thought process that, "I don't have the right tide" to filter into yer brain. You've mentally put yerself at a disadvantage.

The second mood is that neutral feeding mode. This is when a bass is either on his way up to feed or just finished feeding. The last mood is that Negative feeding mode, the bass is suspended, he's transitioning or he's hunkered down in cover, like during a high pressure movement in the weather. These two periods in a bass' daily cycle, are periods that most of us are exposed to all the time. It is the most difficult for us to catch them. The key here during this mood swing, is ya gotta have the understanding of how to catch them, by triggering strikes, hence attacking the bass' natural sense of aggression and curiosity.

These are the fish I prefer to chase. There are far more of these fish in these two tough modes, than aggressive feeders up shallow. There's far more concentrations of these fish during less than ideal "tidal conditions", as thought of by most anglers out here. And not to leave out, you have far more water to cover during ALL tidal phases searching for these fish in these two modes. It's a numbers thing, playing the percentages to where it's in my favor.

Don't git me wrong, I'll focus on making that pitch or cast to where I think that aggressive fish might be, but I'll position myself in a given area, so that on that same cast, I can probe, search and cover areas where I can find the less aggressive fish too.

The second aspect I apply out here is the bass' biological make up. This fish, unlike others that move around a lot and strive in current, a bass' body mass is not designed as such to allow him to be in such conditions all the time. A bass' body mass, does not afford him the opportunity to always be moving up and down the water column, especially our bigger bass here. Those are the fish, I prefer to target all the time. They are really very predictable.

Where this comes in to play for me in regards to the tides, is how they position themselves, and the movements they make from deep to shallow, or in and around current. For a big bass to move around a lot, he has to feed more to sustain the energy levels to do so. Fact is, they don't move around a lot, and they do feed less. So they feed aggressively and in such an optimal fashion that, little energy is spent, to attain the most desirable results from their feeding, to gain the greatest results. This means they are always looking for a big meal. One that they can acquire, and not have to feed again for extended periods, hence burning less energy and optimizing what they have eaten, yet spending as little energy in their efforts to do so.

This is why I prefer and preach to guys to focus on that 6-12 foot zone out on the River. When a big bass is sitting in 6-12 foot of water on a high tide, when that tide drops 3 feet, he's still very comfortable at that depth and still has plenty of water over his head. He becomes easier to target on the low tide, since his environment is exposed. This is a thought process I use year round, especially in areas where no current is present. You still have a rise and fall of the water level, but that bass is not having to rely on some specific piece of cover or structure, to keep him out of the current flow to where he has to sustain his position and burn energy.

Areas where current is highly present, that big bass is typically going to be looking for that sweet spot where there is an eddy to comfortably relax and sit in. Whether it be a point, Tulle island or a dock, he will make a minor adjustment in his position, to find that optimal spot where he can be real lazy and wait his turn. The current produced during the tidal swings, actually has a negative effect on a big bass. It's all about the laws of gravity and their biological make up. More surface mass on a big bass's body, placed in the current flow, creates an undesirable amount of resistance for that big fish. It forces him to work harder to be lazy. And that big bass prefers to be lazy, rather than over work himself. Why else would we think he/she had the ability, ta git so big and fat? If they were running up and down and all around in the current all day, they'd be long and skinny like a Spotted bass, Catfish, Trout or Striper. Largemouth bass love their obesity!

Sometimes I git the biggest chuckle sitting here reading all the dock talk from a wide array of anglers on this website, and around the neighborhood. They just love to think and listen to what the majority of the anglers are telling them, this is typical human nature. What we fail to realize, is it's us against the fish, and it's the fish we should be listening to. A bass, lives for the moment. He doesn't recall yesterday, last month or last year. Everything he does is instinctual. We as anglers need to become spiritually close and think like the fish, which there ain't a whole lot of thinkin here going on really. Yet most of us will all listen to our fellow bass fishin buddies, and git way too much information that clouds our thought processes. You now prefer to be spiritual to human thoughts that in reality, take us out of a bass' world.

I love Rick Clunn, Dave Gliebe intrigues me, Dr. Wayne Dyer made me a believer many years ago. There is a Spiritual Solution to every problem. I'm not necessarily talking about relying on a higher power such as whatever faith we each might relate to. The spirituality that I refer to is that which resides in our own hearts. That's where our spiritual strengths reside, not in our brains. Next time yer in a roomful of people, just ask em all to point to themselves. I can assure you, not one person will point to their head and brain, but their chest and heart! Problems are only thought processes created within our own minds. Problems are spawned from our egos, which we all have as humans. We allow our ego, to separate itself from our inner self. Solutions come from our hearts. You become one with the creator spiritually, in this case the bass, leave yer ego behind, and you will find better solutions in yer efforts to catch them! It's called instincts.

This is such a mental game, and I love every moment of it! I used ta think I was okay cause my cup was half full, but I've come ta believe, it runeth over when I'm bass fishing! Build and trust yer own instincts!
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby macinckirk » Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:43 am

Great Read Sir

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Ricky-S » Wed Jan 23, 2008 8:45 am

Amen to that Cooch.

I never worry about the tides.

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Thank you Cooch!!!!

Postby nipples » Wed Jan 23, 2008 9:59 am

Thank you Cooch!!!!

Fianally a Pro who tells it like it is.

I never bought into that chasing the tide BS.... If somoene is so lame that they can only find one pattern that they can effectively catch fish on in the Delta of all places, then they should just pack it in, sell their boat, and take up golf.

Big fish don't run up and down the delta depending on the tide.

The tide might help me decide the best initial approach at a given time, just like the position of the sun or direction of the wind. What depth should I target and wich side of that tule should I cast to first. But a bass is a bass is a bass and all you have to do is listen close and they will tell you what they want. And in the Delta, those toads are all over the place. The sweet spot for any area at any given time depends on what mood the fish are currently in.

Excellent read Cooch!!!

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Re: Thank you Cooch!!!!

Postby Marty » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:10 am

Let me change my last statement “Bass fishing is an art and Cooch is the master at it!

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby bassenvy » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:16 am

I really like the positive,neutral,negative feeding habits you talk about. It really does relate to all fish and adds a humanity to fishing.
Tides and water temps I've learned dictate boat position and presentation.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby kopper_bass » Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:26 am

Your question is a common one and it always makes me chuckle when i see it and that's because it makes no logical sense when you really stop to think about it. I used to think this way, but then some guys like Cooch, Randy Pringle and others helped me. I'm still learning it 'cause it ain't easy, but start with understanding what is the right things to focus on and try not to get distracted by the uncontrollable things.

Cooch's reply below is awesome and a must read. I think that after reading his reply you can understand why it makes no logocal sense that fisherman even say they pattern the fish on the Delta the way you are suggesting with your question. It sounds simple and makes simple sense, but its really not.

obviously, there are just way too many variables that are unpredictable that go into that 20min window the fish were aggressive. tides, water movement, water temp, air temp, moon phase, food source, wind, sun, clouds, time of year, time of day, etc. Yet, the question you posed just focuses on 1 of the variables. If you add in another, say "time of day", then it all goes whacky and makes no sense; therefore it shouldnt even be considered.

Let's say you found this honey spot pre-fishing on Wed. and the bite was redhot at 10am on a July summer day. So on your tourney day of Sun. the logic there would say the same bite is going to occur some 3hrs later because thats when the tide will be the same. Really? a hot bite in July during mid-day? What about how that works when the time of day for that exact tide becomes 2am in the morning. Do you think the fish will be acting the exact same way next week when that suppposed exact tide is at 2am?

I seriously doubt it and most everyone would agree. Thus, why would the fish even be that way 3 hours later from the Wed. when you first caught them? It doesn't make sense. See, the tides and timing are just a small part of a big, big puzzle that make up the reason the bite even occured.

As Cooch says, focus on the things you can control - the fishes adjustments to their environment; and don't focus on the human attributes we assign to the conditions.

Think like a fish.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Slippy » Sun Jan 27, 2008 2:43 pm

Excellent reading Cooch!!!!!!!

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby kytransplant » Sun Jan 27, 2008 3:41 pm

So obviously I don't post very much, but I had to say that's the best article on Delta fishing I've read since being in California for three years or so. I've been fishing the Delta for over 2 years now and love it. Thanks Cooch, what a read!

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby parker » Sun Jan 27, 2008 3:53 pm

thanks cooch
thant one went strait to the printer :)

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby ash » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:14 pm

I am not a delta phenom by any stretch, but Cooch has been stating this for years :lol: I guess we listen when we are ready. It was with this philosophy that I took to my learning the delta. I go into one slough and fish it all day, throughout every swing of the tide. By doing this I am learning how the same fish repostion themselves. With this in mind I can adjust the spot accordingly. Of course I am still running around out there at times, because I can follow a feeding window for a small amount of time, then I just hunker down and go fish!!!

Thank you Cooch.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby bassmonster » Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:52 am

WOW COOCH, now Im impressed. I take back everything I said!

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby StockOption » Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:26 am

Excellent post Cooch :)

Thanks for the education.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby backlash » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:26 pm

WOW! that's it, wow..

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby fisheryan » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:04 pm

excellent read cooch

ever though about writing a book?
i would buy it!!

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby badbass25 » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:09 pm

i second that! very good reading... very informitive!
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Zedonis » Mon Jan 28, 2008 7:20 pm

Cooch that was in deed some great writing!

I am new to the forum and that type of read is very enjoyable and lays down a train of throught that is worthy of placement in a magazine or book.

Great job.
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby BASSK9 » Mon Jan 28, 2008 8:57 pm

Cooch I congratulate you on your last two tournaments. But I am really lost in your post. You talk about Biology and I think Biology is a factor of genetics only. I think metabolism is the key to bites and metabolism is regulated by water temperature. You speak of mass of the Bass. Mass is comonly exchanged for weight on earth and that works pretty good but a 6 pound Bass on the moon would weigh 1 pound however the mass would be the same in water he can be weightless but the mass is the same. In water you have to factor in bouyancy. A Bass can be positive, negitive or nuetral bouyant. He accomplishes this weightless trick by adjusting the air in his swim bladder. Weight does not equate to effort. He can rise through the column with no effort at all. He is motion stable and unstable when motionless. Current adds to the stabilty requiring less motion on the behalf of the Bass. He just fans his fins out in the current and the lift results in stable suspension. He can't hide from current to conserve energy. Think of a glider. Hydrodynamic shape and size determine resistance to current. Evoloution has shaped the Bass to sustain itself in current or lack there of. The Bass will seek refuge near current waiting for a current carried meal.
As far as I know every oracle in the fishing world seeks current. Wind upon a point in a lake, a waterfall at Shasta, a tidal current in Delta's. Fact is they all believe current triggers bites and they seek it. You can fish Frank's all day and ignore the tide because it is over stocked from tournament releases. You once could fish Break all day and ignore tides, you can fish Sand Mound all day and ignore tides because people release in Franks and in Sand Mound.
Metabolism and current are huge in most real proffesionals opinion. Biology is just what it is.
You say everything else is unpredictable. Just go for 6 to 12'. The science of weather prediction is pretty good and weather will definatly impact the mood and location of Bass of any mass or weight. Give me the first cloudy day in the summer and the Bass rise and roam blasting top water stuff. Give the Bass a bunch of sunny days and they hide in the grass and under floatsum. Lots of giant Bass are caught under floatsum 2' deep. Whats with this 6 to 12' preaching? Big Bass chase? Ever throw a swim bait? They have no problem working for a meal or chasing it down.
You flat got me when you related it to a situation solved by your heart. Here are the factors I think one must consider: Season; tide; temperature; water clarity; current weather; recent past weather; weather in the immedite future; bait; time of day; skill; presentation; your noisey trolling motor; observation. Professionals adjust to these factors and perform day after day. Every thing you listed as unpredictable is extremely predictable and is a part of the daily solution.
I have never ever heard of a Skeet Reese or any other great say it is all about your heart and your instinct in solving the daily puzzle.
Day in day and day out Barrack is the best on the Delta. He speaks of 20 minute windows tide related as a key to success. Thomas is a great tide driven fisherman on the Delta. You listed gravity as a factor as well. How does that change or are you really saying tide does make it happen? The gravity of the moon and the sun create the tides. Exactly what did you mean by that?
I think it is all about intellect, education, observation, mechanics, experience, tides, weather, seasons etc and ability. It is not 6 to 12' all the time.
Why are you pulling our leg?
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Mike » Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:20 pm

BASSK9 wrote:Why are you pulling our leg?

I don’t think Cooch is pulling our leg Don, I think he just takes a different approach than some. He says that he doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the tides, and I believe him. BUT, I also believe that tides play a HUGE part in solving the Delta puzzle. Any good Delta fisherman (other than Cooch) will tell you that the tide does affect the bite different on different spots and the bite on different tides. I have a lot of spots that I can only catch fish on a certain tide. They may be catchable on a different tide, but I know from past experience that they bite best on one tide or portion on a tide. i.e. low out going or high in coming. I could camp on that spot and try to make them bite, but I choose to fish other spots until the tide is "right" for that spot. That’s why you hear guys saying they are running the tides. It’s all about being on the right spot at the right time/tide. Season has a lot to do with it too. When they are in pre spawn or on full blown spawn, they are more worried about getting it on than they are about tide. But in the summer, they defiantly will use the tide to position themselves to eat and when the dinner bell goes off, you want to be on the right spot! Cooch has made a name and a good living with out "chasing tides" and good for him. We all have a choice.
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby MIKE TREMONT » Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:36 pm

I have never ever heard of a Skeet Reese or any other great say it is all about your heart and your instinct in solving the daily puzzle.

I was watching a fishing show years ago. It was Skeet fishing on CL. He was throwing a rattle trap and was not getting them. He instinctively switched colors and started getting them. I wish I could remember more, I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but that's the way it was portrayed.
I have heard a number of guys say to trust your instincts.
Cooch comes on here and gives up some great info, in this post and many more before this. He gives us a little insight as to how "he" approaches the Delta, and you want to blast him for it?
What's your motivation sir? There has to be something, care to share?
I had to come back...I know...

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby ash » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:13 am

I think you missed it Don. The point I heard was that there isnt a NEED to chase the tide. With the expection of flat tide (what is that 30 minutes) there is always current in the delta. You are speaking of current when you speak of shasta, wind blown points etc... not tide. These are two different topics and I dont think anyone will say current is irrlelevant to fishing.

What was said is you dont have to run the tide, looking for the exact same tide across the delta. But if one pays attention to the current and fish movement you wont need to run to a certain tide. Its a method of KISS. Take the tide factor out and just go fishing!

I dont think it was the intention of the author to not observe the changes around you and when to leave an area that isnt producing, I infered that I dont need to focus on what tide it is, only on how the fish are relating to the situation at hand. What are they doing right now, where I am? How do I catch them?

As far as spirituality on the tournament trail I believe Rick Clunn has been sharing this philosphy for years. Call it instincts, being in tuned, touching god, confidence, or whatever.... the answers lie within and the only barrier to stop us from succeeding is between our two ears.

Animals, such as fish are not thinking about all this stuff, they are not arguing about what tide they should feed on, or where they should go to dinner, or if cooch is right or wrong. They are only reacting to a set of instincts based on survival.

When we as anglers start acting on our set of instincts, instead of a story or someones opinion on where the fish should or shouldnt be etc... we will succeed greatly. Quite frankly it is that moment that I seek when I am fishing, my best days are the days where I am simply reacting and it seems like I can do no wrong. The voice inside me is still, my body just does what needs to occur and my instincts are dead on. It is that moment that calls me to return to the water and be in touch....

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby Shad*Wizard » Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:11 am

I don't think Cooch is pulling anyone's leg here either, I agree Mike...Run around on the delta most of the week and with the price of gas around $3 a gallon, who can run and gun the tides?...We use to run all over the place looking for shad in the early 90's, gas consumption didn't matter...Couldn't do it today...It would cost $40-$50 nowadays for us to do what we use to do...

That being said, maybe fishermen are changing and adapting their style to the delta...Yeah, me and Vinny fished one out of Ladd's in the 80's and ran all the way to Sherman...Banged spots all the way back and also spun a hub...I can just imagine doing that today...If you have the fish to win I can see doing it... But just fishing in todays times, I would stay put to a point and learn every knook and cranny of a given area and launch near where you fish...Can't believe the run Gliebe made to go after stripers last Sunday...A definite thoroughbred!!!!...
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It's real simple Don.......

Postby Cooch » Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:25 am

as others above have mentioned, it's just my opinion, and precisely the way I fish this River. I have absolutely no reason to pull anyone's leg or lie to folks on how I catch fish here. Which you know as well as I, goes on a lot here within the competative community on the River. I'm not in a mode of where I have to protect the fish I'm catching or some long time secrete, that allows me to beat you and everyone else. I'm in a mode to teach guys how to be more successful at catching fish here, tournament or not. I fish this Delta differently, that's all.

I've been able to help a lot of anglers, who have not spent 15-30 years fishing here, who don't have the time in to understand all the little details and quirks that go into finding 5 fish on a given day during a 20 minute window! Case in point with my 6-12 thought process. So you've found a 20 minute window, on a given spot, where that big bass has moved shallow to feed, he's in that agressive feeding mode. Put the right bait over his head or in his face, he's gonna eat it. Those are easy fish to catch, yet they are the absolute most difficult fish to find! No doubt, Bobby Barrack is one the best at this, Sapper too. I'll never dispute that, based on tournament results, nobody can. But that means for 23 hours and 40 minutes, that fish is not sitting there in shallow water looking for something to eat. My assumtion is, he's sitting in 6-12. Quite possibly the other 5 big fish in the area are doing the same. Certainly they are not all up in that 2-4 for that 20 minute period. Is this so hard ta believe?

Now in my simple thought process, it's a lot easier for me to catch that fish, during the 23 hours and 40 minutes he is sitting in 6-12, than being able to figure out that 20 minute period he is in 2-4. That thought process, is a lot easier to teach other anglers too, who don't have the number of years fishing this pond, who keep searching for the 20 minute window, with little success. If ya toss out every other factor, detail, eliment and rhetoric we all speak about, how simple really is this thought process? This is just my way of thinkin out there.

I'm not laying claims that I'm the best out here, I'm not saying my way of thinking is the only way ta go. It's just a thought process, my thought process. You said yerself several times "I think" in referring to your opinions. Those are great thoughts, anglers here who didn't think about those thoughts of yours you've shared, now have further insight. And that really is all my post was about, giving guys optional thought processes, to allow them to git out of the everyday box out here that may not be working for them, that works for me.

Thanks for the Congrats, I appreciate that!

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Re: It's real simple Don.......

Postby g-man » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:29 pm

I couldn't count how many times i have been out with Cooch, and i have never seen him chase tides. The man has a game plan, and it has nothing to do with tides. I have seen him catch tons of good fish just following his instincts. I have caught my PB outta his boat, and many nice fish too. His way of fishing the Delta works for him, and I assure you he is not pulling anyones leg. I use this same style of not chasing tide, and just fishing the way he explains, and its cashed me checks. Thanks Cooch!!

Nuff said!


again congrats on the ABA Delta tourneys bud!
100% LL

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Re: It's real simple Don.......

Postby Marty » Tue Jan 29, 2008 5:33 pm

Why am I posting to this criticism of Cooch, he can and is capable of taking care of himself as seen by his last past above, he don’t need me!

But I would like to state that I for one listen to what Cooch says! If fact I have a lot of his words copied into a word document to be used as references. I know everything he states may not agree with other top anglers but day in and day out he is the one coming on WB to give his advises to help me become a better Angler. I don’t see Steve Sapp coming on here giving his advice on how to do it. I don’t see Boddy Barrack (and he is one of my bass heroes) coming on WB and conversing with us. I’m not dissing either of those two – just stating facts.

There are things Cooch said years ago I think about all the time! Here are but a few! I hope I get them right!

When you see the blossom’s blooming it is almost time for the bass to start bedding.
When you see the clouds coming over the Mountain top water is out.
I switched from Braid to fluorocarbon on my jigs and it works!
Slowing down, means to fish more thoroughly by fishing a variety of baits, from various angles, in a given area before moving on.
Dark, solid colors are best when there is over cast they just provide a better silhouette than lighter colors.
Use big bodied baits that move a lot of water will enhance your opportunity to catch more bass.

I for one say thanks Cooch.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby DAN » Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:01 pm

Just about all the local shops have the tide guide and this article may help as well ... tides.html
Dan Mathisen

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Re: It's real simple Don.......

Postby RichThiel » Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:21 pm

After reading all the post, Don, I have to agree with Cooch, Mike and you also. If fisherman today just read the post and really thought about it, it would make since to alot of them and many would be successful day in day out.

I too as many of the successful delta rats fish in a zone or columne of water. Low or high or inbetween, it doesn't matter to me. I let the conditions dictate the method of approach. And that method of approach will be dictated by the fish. I let the fish tell me.

My "Zone" of fishing is usually 5-9 in most area's with the exception of holes. As guide's we are all successful most of time in or approach to teach the client. The difference between Cooch, Sapp, Barrack and myself is that our confident method of approach is different among us. No one is right or wrong, we just have slight difference of think'in with or styles. If you look close too the above post, you will fine simularities, zone fishing and the mood or time of year in reference to what the fish or doing. Too be really honest in the zone fishing, I really concentate between 6 and 8 1/2 ft to 9. Reason for that area is that here on the delta the grass is thick from 0-6 and from 6-9 it is sparse, from 9 to bottom (wherever buttom maybe) it is bare, with the exception of isolated areas that may grow grass in 12-15ft of water.

Too whom that maybe reading this, I wrote an article about maping areas and learning them and is here within the articles of westernbass. Why I wrote it is what Cooch said and does tell clients as well as the rest of us. In short, its all about listening too yourself and the fish and the time of year that your going after them.

Good luck to all, there are some great information given out by many in the above posts. I just hope I contributed some. Just think outside of the box and you will gain confidence in area's that you thought otherwise.

Rich Thiel
Guide on the California Delta and Lake Berryessa for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spots. Teach all known techniques with up to date artificial baits. ,

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Re: It's real simple Don.......

Postby Brian » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:23 pm

I dont want any of you to believe Cooch, All the better for me. 8)
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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby sdavis24 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:00 pm

Bump for a good read

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby monte300 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:45 am

I'm rarely able to fish two days in a row but I do know that the tide pretty much repeats itself every two weeks. What I'm saying is accurate to an hour or two variance. So basically if the tide is low at 8:00AM two weeks later it will be about the same at 8:00AM

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby ash » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:44 am

RIP - I miss hearing his HAR HAR and booming voice both on-line and out on the river.

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Re: Fishing Tides In the Delta?

Postby mark poulson » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:59 pm

ash wrote:RIP - I miss hearing his HAR HAR and booming voice both on-line and out on the river.

Me, too.
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