Is there such a thing

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mac (Doyle McEwen)
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Is there such a thing

Postby mac (Doyle McEwen) » Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:38 pm

as having too much, be it rods and reels or lures..Can you have too many soft plastics or hard baits..You can only use one at a time, unless you are tossing an Alabama or Calibama rig..Do we purchase new gear because we need it, or because we want it,or is it because we are addicted..In all honesty I am not sure an addiction to heroin wouldn't ne cheaper, just a hell of a lot less healthy..I can count the number of times I have been in a tackle store and didn't buy something on one hand and have spare fingers..They do not make a tackle bag large enough to carry all my lures, and terminal tackle..I kind of doubt there is enough storage area on most bass boats to hold it all..

How many of the rest of you have this same problem..

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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby Burke » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:12 pm

There is never too much. Honestly, I don't what it is that causes us fisherman to keep buying stuff. I am like you and have to get something everytime I enter a tackle shop. My biggest vice recently has been buying stuff online because of a variety of shipping....20% 1 get 1 sales bidding.....etc.

My wife (and friends) tell me that I have enough gear to open my own shop. I would need a truck just to carry all my gear. I don't even have a boat. I have at least 18 rod/reel outfits and only take 4-5 of them with me when I go fishing with my boat buddies. My tackle bag carries 4-5 trays but I probably have at least 15 trays. I have a ton of gear that is unopened and sits in storage containers.

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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby Shad*Wizard » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:37 pm

Just made up 50 shad darts for next spring...Made about 30 salmon spinners, too...Going to make

more...Flying C's were hard to come by when the run was on...Every store was out of them...Luckily I

found a hot colored Flying C at a CVS store in Antioch...I told the guy at Walmart to load up on em' in

late summer next year...What a lure Mepp's designed when they made this lure!...Only fault I found

was the skirt would get pulled down by the salmon and skirts are hard to find...10 lbers were the

biggest I caught this year but at 10 ft. from the bank and getting hit by one of those power houses was

absolutely astounding...One fish almost spooled me this year and did the 40 yd. dash in about 2

seconds...Ran probably 80 yds. total before he blew the hook when he surfaced...I'm addicted!...Just a

little hint, if you need material for darts or flies, go to the Dollar store and by the hair inserts for

women, got me some hot green and pink the other day, perfect for shad darts...I don't think you can

have enough lures for these species fishing rocks and trees along the rivers...

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Andy Giannini
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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby Andy Giannini » Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:30 am

I realized I had a problem. The tackle in the boat was mighty, the first string tackle backup at home was huge, and after thinning things out and moving extra tackle to storage it filled a pear bin. I moved it around the yard with the forklift attachment with the Bobcat loader.

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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby donkeyfish » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:48 pm

I think it comes down to the "what if" factor. What if I hear about some really good bite and a certain color is working, and I don't have it? What if I run into a friend on the water and he said he's catching them on a certain bait, and I don't have it? Etc. Etc. For me, (and I'm sure just about every other fisherman) would want to have that bait. The Alabama rig is a good example. People see a pro catching fish/win a tournament on a certain bait, and everybody wants one.
Do I have a problem? Depends who you ask. I say I have a collection, others might say an addiction or problem. I have so much stuff, I don't know what to do with it. It sits in Plano boxes collecting dust, waiting for that bite that might never come. I can't get rid of any of it though, because it all comes back to, what if?

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Andy Giannini
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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby Andy Giannini » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:54 pm

And to answer that "what if" question, its more a lack of confidence in the baits/techniques chosen to compete with.

If your patterns and fishing are solid, there are not many worries.

Fear the man with three rods on his deck, he has his fishing squared away.

The guy with 10 + rods on deck has probably not found something for certain he can compete with.

.02 from observation, not try to pick a fight or whatever.

You cannot put the entire BPS catolog in a boat, because "That bite may come up."


(From someone who has actually moved his baits/collection with a forklift.)
"If you can't win, at LEAST catch the Big Fish!"

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Guy Kelley
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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby Guy Kelley » Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:55 pm

Max, ya crazy ol coot ! How can you ever have too much tackle !?

That is like asking a woman if she has to many shoes or purses ? You know what sort of answer you're going to get. They always need one more cause it matches there outfit !

Same thing for me. I need just one more cause I don't have it and may need it on my next time out. or I might loose one and need that back up one. Ya Know ?

Although, I haven't got to the point of needing a fork lift to move my stuff around. I think that may be a bit much. My two closets are full to the brim and and I am working on a new storage room in the back. So I am starting to worry that I may have a problem.. Naw ! I still got the Bass Pro Mag with loads of new shinny stuff that I haven't got...............YET :lol:
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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby luvmystratos » Fri Dec 23, 2011 7:57 am

TOO MUCH IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I started out on this Fishing game late in life. I strated out with Trout and I was buying all the Rods, Lead Core Line, Z-Rays, Mepps and so on. Then I got into Crappie and Blue Gill. Next it was Stripers and Sturgeon and Cat Fish. Then I caught my first Bass and all hell broke loose. I still have 10 Trout Rods and lures, 12 Crappie and Blue Gill setups and Jigs (Shad too). Then I started on the Bass and I had the deepest curiosity about how much the Plastic's would weigh and I did: 85LBs of Plastics. over 200 Diving Lures (Deep, Shallow, Top Water and Jerk). Over 52 Rods and two Boxes of Fishing Line used and unused. I stopped counting on all the Jigs, Hooks, Swivels and most of all Reels!! I even bought Surf Rods and Deep Water Rods for Ling Cod etc. It doesn't stop there; I have 10 different Floatation/Life Preservers. I should take this to Denio's Auction and buy a booth; I could make next months house payment or maybe even two!! Fishing Junky to say the least!
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Re: Is there such a thing

Postby FATGUY » Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:03 am

Last year i talked to one of the better fisherman around and he told me " if you see me with only two rods on the deck you are in deep trouble" i looked over and he had about 15 on the deck .. he said " as you can see i didn't have too good a pre fish "

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