CONGRATS to BBT McClure Winners

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CONGRATS to BBT McClure Winners

Postby Keith Rakoncza » Sun Jan 12, 2014 5:16 pm

Just wanted to congratulate John Walker and Tom Richards on their win at BBT McClure. These guys get better and better each year and I am sure they will make this a regular thing! Great job! Bite was tough with McClure being a puddle.

1.Tom W Richards John Walker 5/ 2.22/ 8.98/ $2,635.00
2. Bill K Goodman Mike P Goodman 5/ 2.29/ 7.73/ $1,915.00
3. Timmy Wells Travis Mathews 5/ 1.86/ 7.62/ $825.00
4. Charles Welch Jimmy Welch Jr 5/ 1.99/ 7.52/ $677.50
5. Robert L Muraco Robert O Kirschner

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