Over Troubled Waters (Documentary)


Available for the first time for free to the public. This film has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people since 2012. Our award winning documentary narrated by Ed Begley, Jr. on the struggle to stop the water grab via the Delta tunnels project, and the ways to create a sustainable water supply for California. Grab a cold one and learn. View time 45 minutes. ~~~ Our Story ~~~ The San Francisco Bay-Delta, largest estuary on the west coast of the Americas and a national treasure. . . If you have heard of the Delta at all, you have heard that it is both a vital resource and a seriously threatened region. But you’ve probably heard the story of the Delta told by people who want to reshape it to take the water and create corporate wealth. So much of what you have heard is misleading, even wrong. In California and in national media, the Delta has been brought to you by a politically powerful and well-financed PR machine. The people behind this machine don’t care about the long-term health of California’s water resources or the people who rely on them. You deserve to hear the story of the Delta told by the other side of the issue, the people who are fighting for this unique region and for a sane and sustainable water policy for the whole state. For this documentary, we’ve talked to North Coast fishermen and to Delta and Northern California farmers who have already seen their way of life changed, for the worse, by the way California has been managing its water. We’ve talked to people who maintain the Delta’s levees, to people who recreate in the Delta, and to people who understand the needs of the fish and other creatures who call the Delta home or pass through it, as the salmon do to spawn. We let you hear from interests on both sides. And we shine a bright light on some of the claims that have been used to justify sending ever more of the Delta region’s water to benefit corporate agriculture and Chinatown-style big water development interests. Restore the Delta is a grassroots organization that has been fighting for years to protect this unique community of farmers, fishermen, and environmentalists who want to preserve the Delta’s way of life and its unique and threatened ecosystem. We understand that in the long run, water policies that are bad for the Delta are bad for everybody. We need your help to share this story, not just for the Delta, but for the future of California.

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