SV Comparison


A question we hear a lot is “which Tatula SV is better?” We designed two different models, both with the same easy to use braking system, to fit a range of angler preferences on the water. The original Tatula SV has a larger profile that anglers prefer for power fishing applications, or simply because they have larger hands. This model also has a standard cast control cap for anglers that prefer to stick to the way they are accustomed to brake adjustment. Our latest model is one of the lightest and most compact frames we have ever built, for maximum comfort and palmability when fishing small or light baits. We also added our Zero Adjuster to this model- allowing you to set it and forget it. Once the dial is set properly, you can fish all day without ever having to worry about resetting your cast control knob. Check out our brand new Tatula SV Showcase to learn more about what makes these reels so easy to use!

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