3D View and SonarChart™ on sale in April!

Enjoy the best views!

Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum cards offer extraordinary viewing options: 3D View,satellite overlay, and panoramic pictures that enhance any boating experience. They also include the same preloaded Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ and downloadableCommunity Edits offered with Navionics+, and one year of daily updates
3D View
With 3D View functionality, boaters can manipulate how the chart appears, such as exaggerating features to reveal subtle changes in bottom structure while also rotating charts for better situational awareness. 
Satellite Overlay
Satellite overlay embedded on the chart can be displayed over land only, land and shallow water, or in full view. Transparency adjustment is also possible – and gives boaters a better understanding of how the surrounding areas relate to chart features, such as points and bluffs or shallow marsh areas. 
Panoramic Pictures
A camera icon indicates where full color panoramic pictures and aerial photos of marinas, harbor approaches, docks and dams are available. 
Edwin Evers wins 2016 Bassmaster Classic!
Platinum charts are a great resource for cruising, as well as fishing, all over the world. “I depended on Navionics detailed contours to give me that 29lb. bag to win!”E. Evers, champion of the world’s hottest bass fishing competition.
Ask your dealer about special April pricing on Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum charts then experience the superior functionality your Platinum compatible plotter