Attracting Pre-Spawner with Spinnerbait Trailers

By Shane Beliue

After the deep freeze of winter, it feels good to bask in the warmth of the afternoon sun. This same sun is driving big bass up near spawning flats to feed within the warmth of the shallow water, making them increasingly aggressive as the days progress. With all the great shallow water lures available today, the spinnerbait is still one of my top choices for attracting pre-spawn bass.

The spinnerbait is as “old school” as it gets when it comes to fishing lures. It’s a lure my dad would tie on for me when I was a kid back in the ‘70’s and I’m sure I’ve caught more bass on this lure than any other in my tacklebox over the years. Volumes of material are out there on blade selection, but let’s focus specifically on the spinnerbait trailer, as it’s a component that will alter the spinnerbait to meet whatever water conditions you are faced with on any given day. The trailer adds balance and symmetry to the lure and also increases the overall profile of the bait.