Available in U.S. Now... Japan Domestic Market Products

Japan Domestic Market Products Now Available in U.S.

The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) has long been the birth place for new tackle and techniques. Top tackle brands, lures and rigs like the drop shot and Tokyo rig have gotten their start in Japan, now becoming common place in the U.S. The highly pressured waters of Japan have forced anglers to develop techniques and rigs to catch fish under crowded conditions. Many of these improvements are very slight and technical in nature, but have made a big difference in catching pressured fish in either country. Fishing lines have been no different, as Japanese anglers have continued to develop lines for specific situations and techniques. Nearly 10% of Sunline Japan’s employees are in the R&D Department and they are continuously refining lines to improve the angler experience. Many of these Japanese products have only been available to local anglers.

Most of the products sold by Sunline America have been developed specifically for the US market. The lines offered in this new JDM section are now available at http://www.sunlineamerica.com, giving anglers in the U.S. a direct portal to buy products that would normally only be available in the Japan domestic market.