Best Freshwater Soft Bait Available Now

Lunkerhunt’s Phantom Spider: iCAST Winner for Best Freshwater Soft Bait Available Now


Inspired by what’s lurking in the dusty corners of your nightmares, the Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider is in reality a fisherman’s dream. This hyper-realistic soft lure has been crawling along the water line since it won Best Freshwater Soft Bait Design at iCast 2019, and that showstopping success didn’t stop there.This menacing little guy sold out in its first run of production in a matter of weeks, and remains the only top-water spider lure in the industry. It’s now an Instagram sensation thanks to its cool looks and proven ability to crush bass.

The Phantom Spider is a ruthless top-water hunter that features a hollow body and realistic legs to keep it balanced delicately on the surface. A built-in self-righting ballast ensures the spider maintains its natural up-right alignment to keep consistent with the realism of the design.Eight long rubber legs stride, glide and twitch to attract attention from below as the spider is worked along the surface, accurately imitating a spider’s walk across the water. Once a fish locks onto the creeping target, a pair of weedless double hooks are ready to secure the catch.Made for a variety of freshwater fish species, the Phantom excels when fishing for bass thanks to the enticingly realistic surface movement created by the lifelike legs.

In keeping with the theme of realism, the Phantom Spider is available in 8 natural color patterns inspired by favorite species - dock spiders, black widows, etc. - that come in either 2” (1/4oz) oz 2.25” (1/2) oz sizes.

See it in action here: 


·Hollow-body,weedless design

·Walking legs that stride, glide and twitch

·Self-righting ballast in its sternum

·Realistic paint patterns

·Available in 2”- 1/4oz, or 2.25” - 1/2oz sizes


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