Catch More Bass with Google Earth

Now on Project E: Catch More Bass with Google Earth

Edwin Evers — inaugural Redcrest champion and winner of the 2016 Bassmaster Classic — has just posted a new installment of Project E. This time, he’s giving way one of his best-kept secrets. For more than a decade Edwin has been using Google Earth to lead him to more bass and higher tournament finishes. No matter where you live or fish, Finding Fish on Google Earth will work for you, too.

Project E is a series of instructional bass fishing videos. Evers calls it a “project” because he knows that the quest to become a better angler is a journey — not a destination. If you put in the effort, you get better, but you can never really become the perfect bass angler.

Project E is all about teaching and learning, not about promoting tackle. The star of Project E is the bass, and Evers’ goal is to educate and inspire.