"Celebrate Bass Fishing" week

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Bass Fishing Hall of Fame "Celebrate Bass Fishing" week

Presented by Major League Fishing Online Auction.

The auction starts from September 24th and ends
September 30th approx. 10pm ET
JOIN US! Text BassFishingHOF2021 to 243-725
READY TO BID? Here are some tips...
Donate and Bid from your phone or computer.
Click on the green BID BUTTON to make your bid. You can also set your MAX BID. With one entry you can pre-set the maximum amount you would be willing to bid. The automated bidding system then does the work for you to keep increasing your bid against other individuals. You will be alerted by text or email if someone outbids your maximum amount. You can then go back in to increase your bid.
Click ACTIVITY under your profile (top right) on desktop computers or at the bottom of the menu on mobile devices. All items you have bid on will appear so you can easily keep track of your favorites.

You can choose to WATCH ITEMS, too. Do you like to keep tabs on items you are interested in? Hit the yellow Watch button and that item will be listed in your profile.